Permission Schemes Available in zkipster

Learn the different permission schemes available in zkipster and what access & restrictions each permission has

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zkipster has two types of permission schemes, the Account Permission Schemes and Event Permission Schemes. These permission schemes defines the different access, and capabilities of a user in the account level and event level.

Account Permission Schemes

This scheme defines which Account Settings features a user has access to. Users in your account needs to be assigned an Account Permission Scheme, which is a set of permissions that gives or restricts access to account level functionalities.

There are three Account Permission Schemes available in your account by default and cannot be edited or deleted. These are the 'Admin Access', 'Events Creator' and 'No Access'.


Enterprise subscribers have the option to create a custom Account Permission Scheme. You can read more about this here.

Event Permission Schemes

The Event Permission Scheme is a set of permissions and restrictions that defines which features and functionalities inside the event a user will have access to.

Every user that is provided with access to an event needs to be assigned with an Event Permission Scheme.

The Event Permission Scheme can be assigned to users on an event by event basis and you can also grant a user access to all events with the same Event Permission Scheme.

Enterprise subscribers have the option to create new custom schemes to gain more control over what features and data a user can have access to. You can learn more in the article here.

There are 6 different Event Permission Schemes available to all plan levels by default. Please find the details of each event permission scheme access and restrictions below.

Please note: The Account Owner Role still exists and is only one per account. Account Owners of the account will have the crown logo beside their name.

The Essentials and Professional plan users only has one Admin Access which is the Account Owner. Transferring the Account Ownership will downgrade the previous owner to an Events Creator Access. You can check this article here on how to change or transfer the account ownership.

Pro Tip: Hovering your mouse on top of the '?' interrogation icon on the right side of the Event Permission Scheme or Account Permission Scheme you selected will show you a breakdown of what features can be accessed with that scheme.

Please note: Permission Schemes are cumulative, which means that if a user is assigned with an Event Permission Scheme that only gives them access to the Check-in feature, and the user is also included in a Team part of the same event with access to the Invitations feature as an example, the user will be able to access both features.

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