While it is not possible to delete your online invitations as such, you have the option to archive any RSVP invitation, standalone email or response form that you no longer require for your event by making use of zkipster's Archiving feature!

Archiving your Invitation or Form

Once you are on your Invitations overview screen, you will see a little gray square icon with a downwards arrow on the right hand side of every email or form listed:

Clicking on this symbol will allow you to move your drafts, sent emails as well as any open or closed response forms into the highlighted 'Archived' folder on the left-hand menu. 

Please note that once you have archived an invitation or form, you will no longer be able to edit it. Any response forms that are still open and active will additionally be closed upon archiving. This includes forms in invitations that have already been sent.

You will receive a warning message that will alert you to these points, which you will need to acknowledge by ticking three checkboxes before being able to proceed, as shown in the GIF below:

Unarchiving your Invitation or Form

You are able to unarchive your emails and forms at any time to re-enable editing, if an item was archived by mistake, or if you decide that you do need an item for your event after all!

To do this, inside your 'Archived' folder, simply click on the little gray square icon with an upwards arrow next to the relevant email or form:

Please note: Any standalone forms or forms in invitations that have automatically been closed as part of the archiving process will need to be manually reopened. If you are unsure how to do this, check out this article here on how to edit your response form!

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