How to Resend a Campaign to your Guests

Check out this article if you need to resend any of your campaigns to some or all of your guests

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Easily Resend Campaigns to Guests in zkipster

There are a couple of different places in zkipster from where resending campaigns is possible, as outlined below.
​Please note: Choosing the options outlined here will send an exact carbon copy of an existing campaign to the guests selected. It is not possible to make any amendments before sending. If you need to edit your campaign before resending it, then make a copy and send the amended campaign instead - find out how to do this here!

Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

There are two different ways on how you can resend your campaign to your guests:

Resending via the Guest Lists View

The first place to resend your campaign(s) from is via the Guest Lists view. If you have multiple guest lists inside your event you can additionally narrow down your selection to one specific guest list ('Guests' dropdown) and/ or the status of guests ('Filter' dropdown):

Select one or multiple guests as needed through the check box icon to the left next to their guest entry (or select all guests by ticking the check box at the top of the list). Once all relevant guests have been selected, click 'Resend Campaign' from the 'Action' drop down.
See this GIF for further guidance below:

Resending via the Email or SMS/WhatsApp Reporting Page

It is also possible to resend campaigns directly from the invitations reporting page. To get to the reporting page, click on your sent invitation which will take you to the email delivery breakdown screen. From here, select your specific guests and select 'Resend Campaign' from the 'Action' drop down:

This is especially helpful when:

  • A guest has a bounced or missing email

  • A guest reports that they didn't receive an email

For guests with emails addresses that have bounced or are missing it is easy to update their email address and quickly resend them the invitation using this option. More specifically:

  1. Click on the relevant guest from the invitations reporting page

  2. Update the email address on their guest profile and click Enter, which will save the update. The system will take you straight back to the invitations reporting page

  3. Tick the check box next to the same guest that was just updated. (Please note the system will also indicate that this guest's info has recently been updated.)

  4. Select 'Resend Campaign' from the 'Action' drop down

  5. Confirm your action by clicking 'Resend' on the pop-up window

The email status of your guest(s) will be immediately updated and will continue to update once the email is delivered or bounced. This will look like the example below:

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