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Invitations Inbox, Archiving & Duplication
Invitations Inbox, Archiving & Duplication

Version 5.30.0 Feb 5 2019

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This update introduces a wide range of new tools and improvements for managing online invitations with zkipster. You'll notice new and improved management screens, faster and easier tools for some common tasks, and more powerful ways to use HTML emails in your email campaigns.
Outside of invitations, there are a few new improvements to check-in, and an update regarding support for older iOS 9 devices.

New Features: Invitations

  • Improved invitation list management: Invitation lists are now formatted like an inbox, with filters to easily distinguish between different invitation statuses and types for easier management.

  • Invitation archiving: Invitations can now be archived, which removes them from the active set. Archived invitations are not accessible (unless unarchived) and any contained forms are closed upon archiving.

  • Cross-event invitation duplication: Invitations can now be copied from one event to another.

  • Test emails from a specific guest's perspective: You can now send test emails to preview them from the perspective of a specific guest. All tags contained in these emails will be replaced by the actual values for the chosen guest, such as their name, and any form links will display the form as the actual guest would see it.

  • Improved HTML email setup: HTML emails now follows the same structure as other types of emails, with email setup in the composer, and shortcuts for corrections on the review screen.

  • HTML confirmation/decline emails: It's now possible to send confirmation/decline emails using the HTML composer.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Swipe to check-in on iPhone: It is now possible to swipe to check-in guests on iPhone devices directly from the guest list.

  • Improved QR code scanning: The app now shows an alert if the guest is not found, with a shortcut to search for that guest instead.

iOS 9 Announcement

Operating systems regularly release new versions, and we focus improvements to zkipster apps on the latest versions. This helps ensure the best performance on the majority of devices used at events. Starting with this version of zkipster, we are retiring support for iOS 9.

That means that any device running an iOS version older than iOS 10 will no longer be able to update zkipster apps. The following devices will no longer be supported since they cannot update past iOS 9:

  • iPad 2 (March 2011)

  • iPhone 4S (October 2011)

  • iPad (March 2012)

  • iPad Mini (October 2012)

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