The "Confirm" and "Decline" Options tabs on the 'Composer' tab on your Form Builder is where you can:

  • Define your response submission messages

  • Turn on the 'Add to calendar' option

  • Activate your auto Confirmation and Decline Emails

  • Define if guest status will be automatically changed or not upon RSVP submission

  • Compose your Button Designs

"Confirm" Options

Inside this section, you will see both a Response Settings as well as a Button Design tab, both of which are broken down in more detail below:

Response Settings

Send Confirmation Email

You can send a customized auto confirmation email to your guests. This option is switched to 'ON' by default when you choose the 'Email and Responses Form', 'Consent Form' or 'Responses Form' email templates. If you would not like your guests to receive an automatic email you can also toggle this option 'OFF'.

Choose whether you want to work with zkipster's email template or upload your own HTML email file. Find further details on how to set up the Confirmation Email here.

Auto-Register in Zoom

You can enable Zoom auto-registration as guests RSVP to the event. They will automatically be added as attendees to your Zoom meeting or webinar. Check this article for more details on how to auto register guests in Zoom events.

Set Guest Status

By default, the ‘Set Guest Status’ will always be toggled ON in your response form, meaning that the guest status will be changed to Confirmed automatically when your guest confirms his attendance through the RSVP form. If you enable the ‘Decline’ button in your form, the guest status will then be changed to ‘Declined’ automatically.

Please note: The 'Set Guest Status' default settings under the 'Confirm' or 'Decline' Options of the Consent Form is always toggled OFF. We recommend leaving it as OFF in the Consent Form so that the Guest status will not be changed upon submission.

Button Design  

You can completely customize the look of your button via the Button Design tab. In this section, you can change the:

  • Button text for "Confirm"

  • Font, style, size, text color and letter spacing of your button text

  • Background and hover colors

  • Padding, width, top margin of the entire 'Button' section and whether your button should have rounded (rather than square) corners

Find out how to add an additional 'Decline' button option for your guests in the 'Decline Options' section below.

"Decline" Options

If you would like to add a Decline option to your response form toggle this section from 'OFF' to 'ON':

Response Settings

The Response Settings are almost identical to the 'Confirm Options', as you can see below.

You are also able to decide whether guests responding with 'Decline' can leave any required response fields empty:

You can additionally set up an Auto Decline Email that will be sent to every guest who declines your event invitation. Use this option to:

  • Tell your guests you are sorry to hear they cannot make it

  • Provide further information on other events they might like to attend instead

Find out more about setting up your Decline Email in this article here.

Confirmations and Declines Event Notifications under 'Settings'

Once a guest RSVPs, certain users can be alerted to this with an automatic email notification. You can configure which user will be notified and what they should be notified about.

On the Form Page, click on 'Settings' and then 'Event Notifications' to tick the boxes next to the respective user and select what notification they will receive, or untick the options completely.

Pro Tip: The user that you wish to be notified with the Event Notifications needs to be added as a user with access to the event for the email to be received. Please check this article on how to add users to an event.

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