How to use QR Codes on Name Badges

Learn how to set up QR codes on your zkipster name badges for check-in or to enable your guests to exchange contact information

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QR codes can be selected as an option for templates that include images.
We recommend the below templates that include a square image for best results when printing your QR code:

Please note: Though it is possible to use QR codes for rectangular image templates, the QR code will be scaled smaller and center aligned.

Choosing Your QR Code Options

Once you have selected your template, simply click on the image space or the Image tab on the right panel and select QR Code as Image Type to configure the QR code to be printed on the name badge.

In the QR Code Value dropdown below there are three options to choose from:

  • Check-in ID

  • Guest Details (vCard)

  • Advanced

We will go over each option below. 

Check-In ID

Choose the zkipster ID or a unique value you have uploaded (Custom ID) to check in your guests at the door via the zkipster app.

The break the difference down a bit more here:

  • zkipster ID is an ID auto-generated by the zkipster system uniquely identifying each of your Main Guests upon scanning the QR code. This is the recommended option if you want to use QR codes for guest check-in at your event

  • Custom ID allows you to pull your own custom code values you have uploaded into zkipster and defined via the dropdown

Guest Details (vCard)

In addition to the Check-in ID, you can use a vCard to check guests in as well. The vCard QR code also serves as a digital business card that enables guests to easily exchange contact details at your events by scanning this QR code using their phones. 

You can define the guest information available in the vCard code:


The advanced option gives you complete flexibility to configure the code for any use.

You can select a combination of one or more guest fields that can be chosen from the dropdown and added to the text editor below.

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