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The zkipster app allows you to check in your guests quickly and safely by scanning barcodes or QR codes.

With zkipster Invitations (available with Professional and Enterprise plans) you can generate and send QR codes to your guests via email. Find out how this feature works in more detail here.

Alternatively, you can add QR codes to guests' name badges for check-in and guest networking.

Scanning Barcodes and QR Codes on the App

The code scanner icon is located at the bottom of the screen on iOS and Android devices.

Use the icon to scan the barcodes or QR codes by placing the square on the camera over the respective code. Once the code has been scanned, the guest profile will come up instantly so you can check in your guest(s).

Please note: It is only possible to link the QR code or barcode to the Main Guest. Additional guests can be checked in using the dedicated button for +1s underneath the main check-in button.

Auto Check-in and Continuous Check-in with QR codes on the App

Auto check-in and continuous check-in options allow the app to automatically check in your guests after scanning their code, without the need to manually press the check-in button on their profile.

Auto Check-in

To activate the function, enable the 'Check-in Guests after scan' option via the zkipster app settings (use the More icon to access the app settings):

When scanning the codes, the Main guest will be checked into the event automatically. Use the smaller check-in button to check any +1s guests.

Continuous Check-in

With Continuous check-in, the zkipster app camera is set to permanent scanning mode so that the scanner is in constant use.

You can use the function for contactless check-in, or turn your app into a kiosk for ticket or invitation scanning.

To activate the continuous mode, while in camera mode, press the square icon in the upper left of your screen (for all iOS and Android devices). When the continuous mode is activated, the icon will show as multiple squares:

Please note: To use continuous check-in, you must have the 'Guest Check-in after scan' function ON. In this mode, you can only check in main guests. Learn more about Continuous check-in in the article here.

Pro Tip: On mobile iOS and Android devices swipe across the screen to the left for direct access to the code scanner.

Using Codes Generated Outside of zkipster

With the zkipster app, you can also scan QR and barcodes that have been generated outside of the zkipster system. To check-in guests on the app using codes created outside of the platform, you will need to upload the code values (i.e. the encoded information contained inside the code) for each of your guests as an additional custom field via your excel spreadsheet when importing your guest list.

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