How to Print Name Badges on Desktop

Learn how to print your name badges from your browser before your event

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Please note this feature is still in beta. We will be releasing improvements to certain elements to follow shortly.

Once you have finished designing your name badges in the editor, you can create the PDF document to print the name badges directly from your desktop.

Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

Creating your PDF File

Click the 'Create PDF' button as shown below:

Following this, the PDF settings will appear on your screen. 

Only the compatible Avery Labels according to your chosen badge dimensions will be shown here. If you want to print using a different size than the listed options, please go back and choose a different badge dimension.

Please note: Portrait templates are supported for desktop printing and on-site printing via the app.

Simply choose the corresponding Avery Label that corresponds to your paper size. This will be either US Letter Size or A4. The list of sheet label models for each paper size and badge dimension can be found here

After choosing your Avery Label, you can select for which guests you would like to print name badges for. zkipster will default to 'All Guests', however, you can also choose specific guest lists or a specific guest status:

Once you are ready, click on the 'Create PDF' button to create your PDF file. 

Downloading Your PDF file

Once your PDF is created it will be sent to you directly via email.
Simply click on download now to download the generated PDF file. 

All of the export files for the event will be available in the export log while in the badge editor. Simply click on 'Download' to download the generated PDF.

Once you have downloaded your PDF and inserted the designated Avery Sheet Label in the printer, you are now ready to print. 

Please note: The order for the Name Badge Export of your guests is by the First name or Last name and will be depending on the value defined in the 'Sort Order' via the 'Account' > 'Details' section in your zkipster 'Account Settings'.

Warning: In the Print Settings, please be sure to select the actual size in the page sizing & handling for a perfect fit on the pre-sized labels on your sheet label.

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