How to Customize Your Badge Design

Learn how to edit and format the content of your name badge

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The name badge editor feature is available for you to design your name badge using one of the provided templates for your selected badge dimensions.

If you would like to use the name badge editor for any of your event created prior to this, simply create a new event and duplicate the event data to this new event.

Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

Badge Setup

First go into the Badge Setup tab on the right hand side:

Once you have chosen your desired badge dimensions the available templates for that particular badge size will be highlighted beneath:

Please note: Badge dimensions chosen in the Badge Setup will be applicable for both desktop and on-site printing. Here you can find the compatible Avery and on-site printing paper for each Badge dimension: 

Please note: The Portrait templates are both available for on-site printing via the app and desktop. 

Once you have chosen your template, the Text and Image sections will appear as tabs beneath the Badge Setup tab.

Setting up your Image Section

There are three different kinds of images available in the 'Image Type' dropdown: 

  • Upload Image

  • QR Code

  • Guest Picture

Please note: You may click on the Image tab on the right hand panel, or directly on the image section within the previewer and the Image editor will appear on the right hand side.

Upload Image

This options allows you to upload your own image or logo, simply drag your file or browse your computer to upload the file. Please remember that the maximum file size is 5MB. Once your image has been uploaded, you may choose to align the image left, center or right within its section.

QR Code

For more information on the different options when using QR codes on the name badge, please feel free to refer to the article on How to Use QR Codes on Name Badges.

Guest Picture

When selected, this option simply prints the Guest Picture that you have assigned for the guest. 

Important: Your device must be online for the image to be printed on the badge when selecting Guest Picture when printing on-site.

Setting up your Text Section

It is possible to add static text alongside the dynamic text with the rich text editor.
The editor will default to the dynamic tags for the 'First Name', 'Last Name' and 'Organization' guest fields but you can add to or remove any tags or text within the text box. The largest font size available for the Name Badge text is 48px.

The Rich Text Editor enables you to:

  • Change the font, style and size of your text

  • Amend the text alignment to left, right or center

Please Note:  Always remember to save any edits or changes that you make to your name badge while editing via the 'Save Changes' button at the top right corner:

Pro Tip: Use dynamic guest and event tags to personalize the name badge for your guests. The automated tags dynamically pull the information from the relevant guest fields so that when you add items like their guest name, seating assignments, company name or any other relevant information contained in the guest fields it will display on the name badge. 


As you are designing your name badge, feel free to preview the badge as any one of your guests to have a better sense of what the badge will look like for that specific guest. This is available at the top of the badge editor as shown below:

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