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How to Create Place or Escort Cards with zkipster
How to Create Place or Escort Cards with zkipster

Learn how to print place or escort cards using the zkipster's Name Badge feature

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What is an Escort or Place card?

The Escort card indicates what table a guest at an event is assigned to sit. Escort cards generally have the Guest's Names,  Table Number or Seat place, but it may also include some additional information like Organization.

How to Create Place or Escort Cards in zkipster 

In zkipster you can create and print the Place cards or Escort cards via the Name Badge printing feature, following these steps: 

  1. Go to 'Name Badges' available at the left side menu

  2. From the 'Badge Setup' section on the right, select the badge dimensions and  template. You can check all available sizes and templates in the article here. We recommend using the 2.00" x 3.5" for best appearance. 

  3. Once the template has been chosen in the 'Text' section of the badge feature. Select what guest's information to include and import an image in the 'Image' section of the badge. To learn more about the customization options, check the article here.

Pro Tip: To add some style to your place card or escort card, include your event or organization logo. 

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