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How to Install the zkipster App in Salesforce
How to Install the zkipster App in Salesforce

Learn how to install the zkipster app in your Salesforce environment

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This a step-by-step manual on how to install the zkipster app in your Salesforce environment.

If you would first like to learn more about the Salesforce integration, see this article.

Before Installing the App

In zkipster

  • In the Account Settings via 'Customization', go to the ‘Default Guest Fields’ section and create the guest fields that you would like to sync between Salesforce and zkipster. Any fields created here will be available in any event that is created. Learn more on how to create custom fields in the article here.

  • Create a test event in zkipster with all the guest fields in place.

In Salesforce

  • Any fields you wish to sync directly to the Salesforce Contact Object should be created as custom fields in the contact object in Salesforce. zkipster does not sync to default contact fields to ensure we are not overwriting data by accident.

Please note: If you need to change or update your custom fields, they will need to be remapped in ‘zkipster Setup’ by performing a sync to pull through the changes and then mapping as detailed below.

Installing the zkipster App

When installing the app, the Admin must choose who would be able to access the app by choosing either Admins Only, All Users, or Install for Specific Profiles depending on your configuration. To do this, create a profile and add the appropriate permissions to that profile.

Click Install and then confirm you would like to connect to the zkipster API. You may receive a message that the installation is taking a while and will be emailed once it is complete. The installation shouldn’t take too long even if you see this message.

Once the app is installed, you will see zkipster custom objects in Salesforce.

What Custom Objects Are Available?

  • zkipster Setup
    Used by the Admin to configure the app and initiate manual syncs

  • zkipster Fields
    Used by the App, neither the user or Admin need to access this

  • zkipster Field Mappings
    Used by the App, neither the user or Admin need to access this

  • zkipster Error Handler
    Used by the Admin to track any sync errors

  • zkipster Events
    This is where Events are created

  • zkipster Guest Lists
    This is where Guest Lists are created, they link to events

  • zkipster Guests
    This is where Guests are created, they link to Guest Lists

Please note: All non-admin users must have access and permission to all custom objects and fields to ensure a seamless experience using the Salesforce Integration.

Now you are ready to move onto Configuring your zkipster App following the steps in this article.

For questions, feel free to reach out to the Client Relations team via the web chat in the bottom right side of your screen.

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