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How to Create and Manage Custom Guest Fields
How to Create and Manage Custom Guest Fields

Learn how to manage your custom fields on the account and event level in zkipster

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What Are Custom Guest Fields?

zkipster supplies you with a number of default guest fields that are readily available inside your account. In detail, these are:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Guest Status

  • Email

  • Total Guests

  • Note

  • Phone Number

  • Organization

  • Check-in Message Text

  • Check-in Message Email

  • External id

  • Salutation

  • Secondary Email

  • Seating (if using Seating for Professional and Enterprise users)

  • Seating Color (if using Seating for Professional and Enterprise users)

In addition to this, zkipster allows you to create up to 10 custom guest fields on top of the default ones already available in the system. These can be used to store any additional information you might need on your guests, such as dietary requirements, names of their +1s, travel arrangements, booking numbers, and so on.

If you need collect these details from your guests first, you can make use of zkipster's Invitations feature by collecting their answers via a response form. Find out more on this here.

Please note: zkipster has a number of default fields to keep the app seamless and having more than 3+ custom fields can affect the app and device performance. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with our performance recommendations and best practice rules before you start creating any additional custom fields inside of your event to see which potential impact this might have on the app and device.

Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

Find step-by-step information in the sections below.

Which Custom Field Formats Are Available?

  • Text Field Format (Free format)

  • Checkbox

  • Single Choice (Dropdown)

How To Create Custom Guest Fields

There are four different ways to create custom fields inside the tool:

a) On the account level
b) In the matching screen when importing a guest list (event level)
c) From the Guest Fields tab (event level)
d) Via the form builder inside the Invitations feature (event level)

a) Creating Custom Fields on the Account Level

You can add a custom field on the account level which will then be automatically added to every single event you create in zkipster (please note this only applies to any future events going forward from the point of creation).

Adding custom fields to the account level saves you from having to create custom fields every single time you work on a new event.

From the Account Settings drop-down menu:

  1. Choose Default Guest Fields tab

  2. Click 'Add Custom Field'

  3. Define the Format, Label and Response Options (if applicable)

  4. Click 'Save'

Please Note: You can create up to 10 custom fields in addition to the existing default fields. Please reach out to the Client Relations team if you have reached your custom field limit and need to purchase additional fields.

b) Creating Custom Fields when Importing a Guest List

When uploading a guest list from an excel or CSV file, zkipster will automatically match the column headers of your spreadsheet to any existing guest fields in zkipster. The minimum required fields you need to have to import your guest list are:

  • First Name OR Last Name

  • Total Guests

For any field that does not already exist as a default field, can create a custom field after uploading your guest list.

In the matching screen, select 'Create Custom Field' from the drop-down menu which will appear to the right of your column header name. Create the field as previously described in the section above.

Please note that this process will add the custom guest field(s) on the event level only.

c) Creating Custom Fields from the 'Guest Fields' Tab

After importing your guest list, you can still manage all of your event guest fields via the 'Guest Fields' tab on the left side menu inside your event. To create a new custom field in this section, click the 'Add Custom Field' button located in the upper right corner and create the field as previously described.

Please note that this process will add the custom guest field(s) on the event level only.

This section is additionally where you arrange the order your guest fields will appear inside your app on your device(s). This article explains how to go about this step by step.

d) Creating Custom Fields via the Form Builder

You can also create new custom guest fields while working on your response form, in case your are using the Invitations feature.

Click on the 'Add Custom Field option' at the bottom of your Response Fields section inside the Form Builder, as shown in the screenshot below:

Find out more on how to manage your response fields on your form here.

How to Edit or Delete Custom Guest Fields

To edit an existing custom field, click on the pencil symbol on the right of the field; to delete it, click on the trash can symbol:

Please note: Default guest fields cannot be deleted. However, they can be hidden from the app view.

Editing or Deleting Active Response Options of Custom Fields

If you try to edit or delete a live response option belonging to a Single Choice (dropdown), Checkbox, or Color custom field, a warning message will alert you to the fact that the option is actively being used on a guest list or response form.

Warning: If you decide to delete any response options marked as 'in use', you will automatically erase the respective options from your response form and guest list(s)! This information is then lost, taken off all your guests' profiles, and can no longer be retrieved.

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