What is Continuous Check-In in zkipster?

It's now possible to turn the zkipster app camera for barcode and QR code scanning to a permanent setting so that the scanner is in constant use for 'continuous check-in'. In effect, your app becomes a kiosk for ticket or invitation scanning.

This will allow you to set up the zkipster app on your device at the door of your event and make sure your staff are able to maintain the correct social distance according to event safety requirements.

Pro tip: You do not need to have every device activated with this setting, you could have half your devices in continuous scan mode, and the other half still available to type in guests' names in case they forget their entry pass.

How do I activate this feature?

1. Turn on the 'Check-In Guests After Scan' in the settings of your event on the app.

2. Go to the QR code scanner icon to start a scan. In the top right corner, you can change the square dot by pressing it to reflect the 3 square dots to activate the continuous scan:

If the icon looks like this below, the continuous scan is active.

Here is how contactless check-in works on an iPad device:

Alternatively, zkipster also now offers a Kiosk Mode function for self-check in. You can learn more via this article here.

If you have any further questions, reach out to support@zkipster.com.

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