How to Activate Kiosk Mode in zkipster

Learn how to set up and check in guests using Kiosk Mode

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The Kiosk Mode in zkipster is a self check-in option that lets you set up your mobile devices and enables guests to auto check-in using the QR code scan functionality. Please note that the Kiosk Mode is available on both iOS and Android.

Setting up Kiosk Mode on the App

1. Tap on the 'More' section on your mobile device within the event, located at the lower right hand side on the screen:

2. Tap on 'Kiosk Mode'.

3. The next screen will show the 'Kiosk Mode Setup' where you need to select the following options:

  • Camera - Option to select the front or rear camera that you will use

  • Check-in Settings - Auto check-in of +1s or allow the main guests to check in their +1s manually

  • Check-in To - Option to select where the guests will be checked in. If you are using the 'Sessions' feature, this option will list all the Sessions available within the event

  • Name Badges - Option to activate and automatically print name badges upon check-in

  • Success Message - Option to add a welcome message once the self check-in has been successful

4. Tap the 'Activate Kiosk Mode' button

5. On the pop-up screen, create a 4 digit passcode and confirm. Please note that the passcode can also be used to exit Kiosk Mode:

6. The camera on the mobile device will be activated and you can now have the guests scan their QR codes to check themselves in

7. A pop-up screen for the Success message will appear once the guest(s) has checked-in successfully

Please see a video example of the entire process below:

Important Things to Note when Using Kiosk Mode

  • There are only two ways to return to the main app view:
    A. Enter the passcode you have created to exit Kiosk Mode

    B. If you have forgotten the passcode, you will need to delete and reinstall
    the zkipster app

  • Guests can choose to enable 'Allow main guest to check-in their +1s'. Once the +1s number is submitted it can not be decreased

  • In order to use Kiosk Mode, the QR Code Value (set as 'Check-in ID') will need to be the 'zkipster ID'

Please also note: The Kiosk Mode settings are stored per device. This means that the Success message you have added, as well as any other setting configuration, will not sync across devices. You will also need to configure the 'Kiosk Mode Setup' for each device individually

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