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Find out how to diagnose and fix errors when working with Zoom events in zkipster

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With the Zoom troubleshooting tool, users can run diagnostics and fix issues blocking guest registrations to virtual events and sessions. With this tool, it is also possible to:

  • Push registrations to Zoom via the form report

  • Receive alerts for Zoom registration issues

The troubleshooting tool is available under 'Event Settings' on the left side menu. Use the 'Run Diagnostics' button to check your Zoom integration.

As a best practice, we recommend running a diagnostic test before you start sending out your event invitation:

Settings and configurations preventing guest registration will appear in the diagnostic report. Use the 'Fix Issues' button and zkipster will reset your Zoom meeting/webinar settings so registrations sync successfully between the two platforms:


Zoom Registration Report and Troubleshooting

In the form report of your invitation, you can track if guests were successfully registered in Zoom and have received a confirmation email with their unique join links.

Please note: Guests who are registered in zkipster but not in Zoom will not receive a confirmation email.

To push your guests' registrations into Zoom, select the guests whose registrations were unsuccessful and use the 'Register in Zoom' option via the Action Menu.

Via the pop-up window, you can also select whether to send an automatic confirmation email once guests have been registered.

We recommend running a diagnostic test following the steps at the beginning of this article and fix any outstanding issues before pushing the registrations to Zoom.

Pro Tip: Filter your form report by 'Zoom Registered' status to show all guests with an unsuccessful registration.

Setting Up Event Notifications for Zoom Registration Errors

In the 'Event Notifications' section of your form page, you can select which user(s) should receive email notifications for guests whose registration in Zoom was unsuccessful.

Please note: The user that you wish to be notified with the Event Notifications needs to be added as a user with access to the event for the email to be received. Please check this article on how to add users to an event.

Selected user(s) will receive an email with steps to troubleshoot the error for each unsuccessful guest registration.

For questions on Zoom troubleshooting, get in touch with zkipster's support team via support@zkipster.com.

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