How to Provide Users Access to an Event

Learn how to grant and manage users access to events in your account

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In this article, we will walk you through on how to provide access to users to your events in several ways.

Event Permission Schemes

Before explaining how to provide users access to an event, it is important to understand the Event Permission Schemes available in zkipster.

The Event Permission Scheme is a set of permissions and restrictions that define which features and functionalities inside the event the user will have access to.

Every user that is provided with access to an event needs to also be assigned with an Event Permission Scheme.

Learn more: How to Create and Manage Event Permission Schemes

By default, there are 6 different Event Permission Schemes available to all plan levels, but Enterprise subscribers have the option to create new custom schemes to gain even more control over what features and data a user can have access to.

The Event Permission Schemes can be assigned to users on an event by event basis, which comes in handy if you have users in your account that perform different functions depending on the event, but you can also grant a user access to all events with the same Event Permission Scheme, which we will go through a bit further down this article.

Providing Users Access to an Event

From the 'Users & Teams' section via the Account Settings

  1. Click on Account Settings at the top right corner.

  2. Click on 'Users & Teams'.

  3. Click on 'Users'.

  4. Select the box next to each user.

  5. Select Add to Event from the Action drop-down.

  6. Select the event in the pop-up window.

  7. Select which Event Permission Scheme the selected users will have on the event.

  8. Click 'Add to Event'

From the Event Dashboard

There are two ways to provide user access to events from the event dashboard.

From the 'Action' dropdown menu under your Upcoming Events:

1. Select the event(s) you want to add the user by ticking the checkbox on the left side of the event.

2. Click 'Add Users' from the action dropdown menu.

3. In the pop-up window, select the users under the 'Users' tab.

4. Assign an Event Permission Scheme to each user.

5. Click 'Save'.

Pro Tip: Hovering your mouse on top of the '?' interrogation icon on the right side of the Event Permission Scheme you selected will show you a breakdown of what event level features can be accessed with that scheme.

From the 'Event Access' section.

1. Click on the initials logo under the 'Event Access' section.

2. From the pop-up window under the 'Users' tab, select the checkbox next to the name of the user you want to give access to the event.

3. Select the Event Permission Scheme to be assigned to the user from the dropdown menu.

4. Click 'Save'.

Please note: Account Owners and Administrators can also add and remove users to events in zkipster via the 'Event Access' section from the 'Event Settings' of their specific event.

Managing Event Access from the User Profile

In the individual user profile, Account Owners and users with access to user management can view, edit and assign multiple events to a user. Here is also possible to assign and edit Event Permission Schemes, restrict access only to the zkipster app and change the user login information.

To provide users access to an event, or several events, from their profile in your account, you can:

  1. Click on Account Settings at the top right corner.

  2. Go to 'Users & Teams'.

  3. Open the 'Users' page.

  4. Open the individual user profile you'd like to manage by clicking on their name.

  5. This will open a new page where you can edit the user details.

  6. Click into the 'Events' tab located on the top of the screen:

  7. Under 'Assign User to Event', select the event you want the user to have access to.

  8. Under the 'Permission Scheme', select the Event Permission Scheme that user will have for the selected event.

  9. Click Add to Event.

Providing Users Access to All New Events or Types of Events

If you want to provide a user access to all new events in your account, you can do that by selecting the checkbox 'Automatically Add Users to New Events' and selecting 'All Events':

Once this is selected, this specific user will have access to all new events automatically, with the Event Permission Scheme that you have assigned them.

Alternatively, you can provide users access only to a certain type of event. For example, you can provide John Doe access to all new Gala and Corporate events created in your account. For that, inside the 'Events' tab in the user profile, you need to:

1. Select the checkbox 'Automatically Add Users to New Events'.

2. Select 'Event Specific Types'.
3. Assign an Event Permission Scheme.

4. Select the type of event that you want the user to have access to.

Please note: Permission Schemes are cumulative, which means that if a user is assigned with an Event Permission Scheme that only gives them access to the Check-in feature, but the user is also included in a Team part of the same event with access to the Invitations feature, for example, the user will be able to access both features.

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