How to Set up Add to Calendar on your Email

Give your guests the option to add your event details to their personal calendars directly from the email body

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When you are designing your email for your event, you have the option to include an 'Add to Calendar' function inside your email via the composer:

Please note: Remember that there is a separate 'Add to Calendar' function on your response form as well, which will be displayed directly on the web page following your guest's response submission after they confirm attendance.

Turn on 'Add to Calendar'

Open the 'Add the Calendar' tab on your email builder and switch the toggle from 'Off' to 'On' in order to activate it:

Edit 'Add to Calendar' Text

You can further customize the design of this section in your email message. The calendar information will automatically pull through the details you have entered in your Event Settings, i.e. Event Name, Location as well as Start Time and Start Date.

Important: For hybrid events, the event calendar location will always be the physical address and not the virtual event URL, i.e. you will see the physical venue in the location field of the calendar, while the virtual event URL or Zoom link gets added in the notes field of the calendar entry.

You can further edit the text you would like to be displayed in this section, including the font, size, etc.

Customize 'Add to Calendar' Icons

The calendar icons will display the four most popular calendar tools, i.e. Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and Yahoo Calendar. While you cannot change the order in which the icons are being displayed, you can change the color scheme (Color, Black, White), icon alignment and size:

Please note: The 'Add to Calendar' function is available for all email messages, including the Auto Confirmation Email. It is not possible to enable 'Add to Calendar' on SMS/WhatsApp messages.

If you work with zkipster's Sessions and Capacity Management feature, please note that there is a separate 'Add to Calendar' function specifically for Sessions. Find out more here.

Alternatively, you can also turn the 'Add to Calendar' option 'ON' for your Form via the Success page.

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