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Using a Consent Form
How to use Consent Forms during Check-in and Download with your Event Report
How to use Consent Forms during Check-in and Download with your Event Report

In this article, we will provide an overview on how you can download and use your consent forms during your event.

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First, build your consent form following the steps explained in this article here.

Please note that zkipster's Consent Form feature is available on Professional and Enterprise plans only.

Where to Find the Consent Form PDF

Once your guest has submitted their form, zkipster will generate a PDF file that is stored and displayed on each guest's profile, as shown below:

On the 'Guest Overview' via the Browser

On the 'Guest Detail' via the Mobile App

On the app, there is an additional option to display a QR code for scanning, if needed, should you want your guests to fill out the form at the point of check-in:

Please note: Please make sure that your mobile device(s) is online if you need to view the PDF form as it is web-based.

Bulk Download from the Guest List

From the 'Guests' section at the right-hand side, select the guest(s) from your guest list and click 'Download Consent Form' from the action dropdown menu. Please note that all consent forms will be downloaded in a pdf format.

Below is an example of the PDF file and the data shown:

  • Only the completed fields will display

  • The background color of the form will default to white

  • The date and time of the form submission will be displayed in the pdf footer, in the event’s Time Zone

  • Page numbers will be displayed in the pdf footer

  • Any buttons or social icons that were added will not be displayed

Consent Form Export

You can export completed Consent Forms of your guests via:

Guest List Export

From the Guest tab, select 'Export' from the 'Action' dropdown. This export will include a link to download each pdf file. A zkipster login will be required to access the link as a security measure.

Please note: Similar to the guest list export, both the Event level and Account level exports will include a link to download each pdf file for the Consent Form report and will require a zkipster login to access.

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