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How to View and Export your Event Report & Guest List at the Event Level
How to View and Export your Event Report & Guest List at the Event Level

Learn how to view and export your event report and guest list at the event level

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Effortlessly Export Event Reports and Guest Lists

During your event check-in, the zkipster app collects any associated guest data. Once the event is over, you will be able to see and download your event report.

Event reports available in zkipster: 

  • Reports at the Event Level 

  • Reports at the Account Level 

Please note: Only Account Owners and Administrators have access to reports at the account level.

Reports at the Event Level

Event reports are available in the 'Reports' section on the left hand panel inside your event. In the event report overview, you can see how many guests have checked in and how many did not attend; as well as the guests added before, at or after the event, and peak arrival times.

The more you divide your guests into guest lists, the more refined your report information will be. You can download the report overview information as a pdf file by clicking on the 'Download PDF' gold button in the upper right corner.

Exporting your Guest List 

You can export your guest list(s) as an Excel or CSV file. The file will contain the original guests’ data plus any additional information you have collected, like check-in time, new guests added, updated fields collected from invitation forms, event sessions, consent forms and any updates made prior to the event and at the door.

There are two places where the Guest List can be exported on the event level:

A) Via the 'Guests' tab and select 'Export' from the Action dropdown menu
B) Via the 'Reports' tab on the left-hand menu

Find step-by-step information in the sections below.

A) Exporting via the Guest View

In the Guests Tab:

  1. Filter by the specific list or select all

  2. Filter by the specific guest status such as Checked-in, Unconfirmed, Confirmed, or select all

  3. Click on the 'Action' drop down

  4. Click Export

B) Exporting via the Reporting Tab

  1. Go to the event

  2. Click on Reports from the left hand panel then choose 'Export'

  3. Choose the event, guest list, check-in status, and file format

  4. Click the gold 'Export' button

Please note: This export will include a link to download each pdf file for your Consent Forms if you are using this feature. If you or your guests have uploaded ‘Attachments’ and ‘Guest Picture’, the files will also be available for download via an URL on your export. A zkipster login will be required to access the links as a security measure.

In Addition, if you are using the ‘Relationships’ feature (available for Professional and Enterprise plan) the Form Export will also include the ‘Submitted by' column:

To view and export your event report and guest list at the account level, check the article here.

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