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Using the Drag & Drop Function in Seating
Using the Drag & Drop Function in Seating

Learn how to seat guests, swap seats and randomly seat guests in tables using the Drag & Drop function from the Seating feature

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Once you have designed your floorplan in your zkipster event using the Seating feature, available on the Professional and Enterprise plan levels, you can use the Drag & Drop function to:

  • Individually assign seats to guests.

  • Swap seats between guests.

  • Randomly seat guests on a specific table.

Please note: if you are account for +1s using the 'Total Guests' feature, the entire party is always seated together, either to the right or to the left of the main guest. To seat the main guest and their +1s separately, you need to account for +1s using the Guest Relationships feature. Click here to learn more.

Drag & Drop to Individually Assign Seats

In zkipster, you can assign seats to your guests in bulk via the spreadsheet import or you can seat guests individually.

To seat guests individually, simply follow the steps below:

1 - Open the 'Guests Seating' section of your floorplan:

2 - From the right hand side guest list, click and hold the guest you want to seat and drag them to the desired seat:

A green border around the seat indicates that you can seat the guest and their +1s in that location, while a red border indicates that you can't seat your guests there, either because the seat is blocked or because there are not enough available seats for the entire party.

Drag & Drop to Swap Seats

You can also use the Drag & Drop function to swap guests' seats. To do that, you can simply click and hold on top of the seat where your guest is currently seated, drag the guest to the location and drop on top of the new seat.

If another guest is already seated on the new seat, their seats will be swapped automatically. For example, if John Doe is on Table 1 Seat 1 and Alice Smith is on Table 2 Seat 2, if you drop John Doe on top of Table 2 Seat 2, Alice Smith will automatically be moved to Table 1 Seat 1.

Drag & Drop to Randomly Seat Guests on a Specific Table

You can use the Drag & Drop function to seat your guests at a specific table, but without the need to select a specific seat.

For that, simply drag and drop the guest on top of a table - if there are enough available seats for that guest and their +1s, the table will display a green border.

If there aren't enough available seats for the selected guest and their +1s, the table will display a red border.

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