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How to Set Up SMS and WhatsApp Messages
How to Send QR Codes or Attachments via SMS/WhatsApp Messages
How to Send QR Codes or Attachments via SMS/WhatsApp Messages
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You can send one attachment file per SMS/WhatsApp message. The file is hosted online by zkipster, so your guests need to access the link sent via the SMS message in order to open the image file or QR Code file. On WhatsApp, the attachment is displayed as an image on the body of the message.

From the 'Composer' tab, click on the 'Attachment' section and turn the toggle to ON to include an attachment. You will be able to select if you want to send a QR Code, an attachment file (sent as an image file) or a PDF. version of your Email, in case your campaign includes also an Email.

Make sure to include the dynamic tag :attachment_url in your text message, as this is the tag that will turn into the link from where your guests will be able to access the attachment.

QR Code

If you want to send a QR Code via SMS/WhatsApp message, select 'QR Code' from the 'Attachment Type' dropdown menu. By default, the QR Code will be configured as a Check-In QR Code, but you can customize the value if you want. Please refer to this article here for more information on how to use QR Codes in zkipster.

Email PDF

If your campaign includes an email that will be sent to your guests in addition to the SMS/WhatsApp message, you have the option to attach the Email as a PDF. file to your text message. This comes particularly handy when you are inviting guests from organizations that have high security policies in place and their email server might block your email from being delivered.

To attach the email as a PDF. file, form the 'Attachment Type' section select 'Email PDF'. From the 'PDF File Name' field you can define a name for the file.

Custom File

Users have the option to attach an image file or a PDF. file as an attachment when sending guests SMS/WhatsApp messages. The maximum file size accepted is 5MB and only one file can be sent per SMS/WhatsApp message.

From the 'Attachment Type', select 'Custom File' and upload your file to be attached.

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