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How to use the Same Response Form Across Different Campaigns
How to use the Same Response Form Across Different Campaigns

Details using the same response form across multiple campaigns in zkipster to streamline event data collection.

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With the zkipster's Communications feature, available on the Professional or Enterprise plan levels, users have the option to create campaigns containing a new Response Form or they can create a campaign using an existing Response Form part of a different campaign.
This comes in specially handy when you need to send different Emails or SMS/WhatsApp messages to different segments of guests, but the Response Form they need to submit can be the same.

For example, if you want to send an email to your 'VIP' guest list and a different email to your 'Sponsors' guest list, but the RSVP details you want to collect for both lists are the same, instead of designing two different RSVP Forms from scratch you have the option to design just one and use the same form on both your 'VIP' and 'Sponsors' campaigns.

To do that, you just need to:

1 - Create your first campaign selecting to create a new Response Form:

2 - Design and configure your form as you wish.

3 - When you are ready, create your second campaign, but under the 'Do you want to collect responses?' section, open the 'Temporary Option' section and select 'Yes, reuse an existing form from a campaign'.

4 - A dropdown menu will appear showing all existing campaigns from your event that have a form. Select the one you want to use on your new campaign:

5 - The 'Form' part of your second campaign will be the same form from the other campaign in your event that you selected.

Please note: when using the same form across different campaigns, editing the form on one campaign also changes the form from the other campaign. For example, if I am using the same form across my 'VIP' and 'Sponsors' campaign, if I close my form on the 'VIP' campaign, I am also closing it on my 'Sponsors' campaign, because it is just one form, shared between both campaigns.

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