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How to Enable the Unsubscribe Function on your Campaign Email
How to Enable the Unsubscribe Function on your Campaign Email

Details steps to enable the unsubscribe function in campaign emails for compliance and better email management.

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With spam emails becoming more and more a problem, email clients such as Yahoo or GMail are increasing their security policies in order to protect recipients from receiving unwanted messages.

The unsubscribe function allows your guest to stop receiving email campaigns from your event if they wish to - and some email clients might automatically direct your email to the spam folder of the recipient if the unsubscribe option is not included on the email.

That is why zkipster recommends that you always include an unsubscribe link - this will help improve email deliverability and also protect your sender reputation, an online score used by email clients to evaluate if a sender is safe or spammy.

Enabling the Unsubscribe Function

In order to include the unsubscribe link to your email campaign, open the 'Unsubscribe' section under the 'Composer' tab and turn the toggle to ON:

By default, a 'Click here to unsubscribe' text will be displayed at the bottom of the email, but you can further customize the copy and its design using the text editor box:

If your organization has its own unsubscribe system, you can include the link to that by clicking on the hyperlink icon and on the pop up window, include the URL to your unsubscribe sytem on the 'URL' field:

Please note: even if you do not include an unsubscribe link, either from zkipster or from your own system, certain email clients will still give the recipient the option to unsubscribe via an automated one-click unsubscribe mechanism.

Once your guest clicks on the unsubscribe link from zkipster, they will be directed to the unsubscribe page where they can click on the 'Unsubscribe' button to confirm they want to unsubscribe from email campaigns regarding that specific event:

If you send an email campaign to a guest that has unsubscribed via the zkipster link, they will be shown on the report with a 'Unsubscribed' status:

If the guest decides to resubscribe, they just need to click on the 'Resubscribe' button to start receiving future emails from that event again.

Managing Your Unsubscribe List

If you are using zkipster's unsubscribe system, the platform will track which guests have unsubscribed or resubscribed to your event's campaigns. You can access this list by clicking on the 'Unsubscribe' tab from the left hand side menu, under the 'Communications' section:

If an email addresses has a 'Unsubscribed' status, it means that the guest clicked on the 'Unsubscribed' link and will not receive future emails sent from that specific event in zkipster:

Users have the option to resubscribe the guest on their behalf by clicking on the 'Resubscribe' button from the right side of the email address from the Unsubscribe list, but zkipster recommends that you only do that if you are sure the guest wants to receive email campaigns from your event again.

Guests that have resubscribed or have been resubscribed by a zkipster user will show a 'Resubscribed' status on the report:

You can also export the 'Unsubscribes' list as a spreadsheet file by clicking on the 'Export CSV' button from the top right of the unsubscribe page.

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