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Seating: Multiple Guests Selection and Auto Seat
Seating: Multiple Guests Selection and Auto Seat

This new release makes it easier for users to seat multiple guests at once and enables users to seat guests randomly on the floor plan

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zkipster is excited to announce the release of the new multiple selection and auto seat functionalities on the Seating feature. This comes in specially handy when you want to seat your guests in bulk, but not necessarily need to assign them to specific seats - leave it for zkipster to assign guests to the available seats!

In summary, the release enables users to:

  • Select multiple guests at the same time

  • Assign available seats randomly

  • Drag and drop guests to unseat

Multiple Selection of Guests

Prior to this release, it was only possible to select one main guest to be seated, unseated or to swap places. The new option to select several guests or all guests at the same time allows users to assign seats to guests in bulk quickly and easily:

Auto Seat Function

While it was already possible to seat guests in bulk via the guest list spreadsheet import, in order for that to happen successfully users need to assign a specific seat and table to each guest on the spreadsheet. But not all events require guests to be allocated at specific seats/tables.

With the new Auto Seat functionality, users now have the option to seat guests randomly on the available seats - they just need to drag and drop the selected guests to the 'Auto Seat' thumbnail and zkipster will assign seats to those guests automatically:

Drag and Drop Guests to Unseat

In addition to the new Auto Seat function, users are now also able to unseat groups of guests, instead of only being able to unseat all of them at the same time or individually. Just drag and drop the selected guests to the new 'Unseat' thumbnail to remove the selected guests from their seats:

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