How to Seat Guests Individually
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This article will give you you some helpful instructions on how to manually seat your guests one by one following a guest list import.

If, by contrast, you are looking to seat your guests automatically via an excel upload, this article provides details on how to properly set up your spreadsheet for this.

Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview on manual seating:

Find step-by-step information in the sections below.

How to Manually Seat your Guests

Once the Tables and Seats have been set on the floor plan, the next step would be seating guests or groups of guests:

  1. Click on the guest to be seated from the right hand side menu

  2. Simply drag and drop them from the guest list to the seat/table were you want them to sit.

Reseating and Swapping Guest Seats

You can swap guests' seats by dragging the guest from their seat and dropping them on top of the desired seat.

The guest that was previously assigned to that seat will be relocated to the seat where you are removing the other guest from:

If you try to seat a guest and their +1s on a table with not enough seats for the entire party, the system will highlight the seat with a red color and a message will be displayed asking users to choose a place with enough empty seats for the entire party:

Please note: the Drag & Drop function is only available on the desktop version of zkipster. On the zkipster Mobile App, users can manually seat guests by selecting them from the guest list and tapping on top of the empty seat.

+1 guests are seated directly to the right or left of the Main Guest depending on the seating direction one step back in the table configuration. Currently, it is not possible to separate +1s from the Main Guest.

When seating additional guests make sure enough seats are allocated at the table where the +1s will be seated. When the Main Guest is seated and additional guests don't have enough open seats available at that table, a message will pop up relaying that not enough seats are available.

Unseating Guest

Clicking on a guest on the seating plan gives you the option to unseat them or view more details of the guest. If you click on 'Unseat', the seating assignment will be removed and the guest's profile on the right hand side menu will revert back to 'No seat assigned'.

Pro Tip: if you are using the Relationships feature, you can build your seating chart taking into consideration the relationships your guests have in your event. For more information on how to use the Relationships feature when seating your guests, please click here.

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