In this article, you can find out how to use the zkipster's Check-in Message feature to send messages to your event team and/or guests.

Please note: Essential plans have a default check-in message. Professional plans allow customization of the message with up to 160 characters. Find out how to set up and customize the Check-in message in the article here

Check-in Message Feature can be used for:

  • Internal notification to your team

  • External notification to your guests

For Internal Notifications
Use the check-in text messages to communicate with the rest of your team. With the dynamic tags, you can convey guest information and specific instructions for guests arriving at the door. 

  • Let your team know when guests arrive, so they can greet them 

  • Share specific guest's instructions with the Event Host  

For External Notifications 

With a Professional subscription, instead of using the feature internally, you can create a guest-facing Check-in text message and send it to your guests. 

  • Send a personalized welcome message to each one or group of guests 

  • Let your guests know about their table assignments

  • Distribute event WiFi details or any other information you might like to pass on. 

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