Tips on Using zkipster for Virtual Events

Learn how you can use zkipster for your online events

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Virtual events require the same care and preparation as in-person events. In this article, you will learn how zkipster can help your virtual event organization. 

Before you read on, check out our case study on the Lincoln Center virtual gala to see how they used Zoom integration and Share a Table in zkipster.

The Event Settings: 

When creating an event, under event location, you can select between:

  • In-person event for live events

  • Virtual event for events hosted online, or

  • Hybrid event where some of the guests will join you online and some in-person.

For Virtual and Hybrid events, you can use zkipster's native integration with Zoom or link your zkipster event to an alternative online meeting platform.

Event Sessions

With zkipster's event sessions tool, you can create several virtual or in-person sessions within one event and use the RSVP form to register guests to specific session/s. Here is how to set up and manage sessions in zkipster.

Inviting Guests to a Virtual Event

Virtual events like live ones need effective event promotion and engagement with the attendees. You can use zkipster's invitation feature to invite, engage with, and register guests to your online panel discussions, webinars, and conferences.  

Using the zkipster Invitation Feature for Event Registration

With zkipster's registration form, you can create an event registration page, and share it with audiences via zkipster or the form public URL. You can request specific guest information and register guests to a specific event session.

Automated confirmation emails are being sent to RSVPed guests including additional event or session/s information and join links. Learn more on how to create and customize the email invitations in the tutorials here:

If you are using Zoom for event streaming, you can use zkipster's native integration with Zoom for event registration and attendance tracking. You can learn more in the article here.

Using Standalone Email for Event Reminder   

Use the Standalone email template to create event reminders on the day of the event.

Tips for Virtual Events 

  • Include a meeting agenda on your event registration page. 

  • Your event can be live one way or interactive with participation from the audience

  • Networking option for your attendees. Make sure to provide your audience with a platform where they can connect with one another. You can use the chatbox or create meeting groups where guests can interact with each other. 

  • Stay connected after the event. Send a thank you to all attendees, a recap of topics discussed, or share details for future events.

The Event Team:

Online events still require a team to ensure the event will be successful and go smoothly. Consider including the following roles: 

  • Event Host: The primary host, navigating the event agenda, introducing speakers, and keeping the audience engaged. 

  • Community Manager: Sets rules of engagement for the audience, sends final reminders to guests, maintains chat box section, and audience Q&A.

  • Tech Manager: Helps with any technical issue before and during your event

Professional level users have access to:

If you have questions or want to learn more about how zkipster can help with online events, get in touch with us at

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