• Connected Zoom account in order to proceed. Check this article to learn how to connect your Zoom account to zkipster.
  • Linked Zoom meeting/webinar to your zkipster event. Learn how to link events in this article.

After connecting your Zoom account to zkipster and one of your events to a Zoom meeting or webinar, you can now have your guest automatically added to your Zoom event when they confirm their attendance via the zkipster RSVP Form.

To enable Zoom auto- registration, go to the 'Form' section of the invitation. Navigate to 'RSVP Confirm Options' and open the Response Settings. You will see the 'Auto-Register in Zoom' button that you can toggle on (it is enabled by default).

As guests RSVP to the event, they will automatically be added as attendees to your Zoom meeting or webinar.

Please Note:

  • Registering guests to Zoom events are only available for Paid Zoom accounts. If you're using a free Zoom account you won't be able to use the feature.
  • In order for zkipster to be able to automatically register guests and generate their private join URL, your Zoom meeting/webinar must be configured with Automatic Approval. While we automatically activate this setting for your Zoom event, you must keep it on, otherwise, guests will fail to register on your Zoom event. You can access Automatic Approval in your Zoom account under the Registration tab of your meeting settings.
  • For the registration to work, users cannot set the fields as required in Zoom. When the auto register is on, it will only map the First name, Last name and email. Please only leave the default 'Last Name' as a required field as shown below. You may however still set your fields as required in your zkipster form to capture the information.

Sending Private join URL with your confirmation Emails

After enabling the automatic guest registration a new Zoom tag becomes available in the text section of the confirmation email.

The zoom_participant_join_url is the private URL specific to each guest that confirmed their attendance to the event and was auto-registered to the Zoom meeting or webinar.

In Addition, toggle on the 'Show "Add to Calendar" option' and the private URL will be added in the event location as they save it to their respective calendars.

Pro Tip: Make sure to Turn off the Zoom auto-confirmation email if you wish to only send them via zkipster. Go to the 'Email Settings' under your Zoom meeting (Confirmation Email to Registrants) or webinar to remove.

The 'Resend Confirmation/Decline Email' function has also been added under the form report section of the invitation. You can now select the guest(s) if you want to resend your confirmation or decline emails as shown below.

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