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Virtual and Hybrid Events with zkipster
Virtual and Hybrid events with Zoom
How to Auto Register Guests in Zoom Events using zkipster RSVP
How to Auto Register Guests in Zoom Events using zkipster RSVP

Learn how to automatically add your guests to your Zoom meeting or webinar as they RSVP on your zkipster form

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Requirements Before Getting Started

  • Connected Zoom account in order to proceed. Check this article to learn how to connect your Zoom account to zkipster.

  • Linked Zoom meeting/ webinar to your zkipster event. Learn how to link events in this article.

After connecting your Zoom account to zkipster and one of your events to a Zoom meeting or webinar, you can now have your guest automatically added to your Zoom event attendee list when they confirm their attendance via the zkipster response form.

How to Auto-Register your Guests in Zoom

To enable Zoom auto-registration:

  1. Go to the 'Form' section of your RSVP invitation

  2. Navigate to 'RSVP "Confirm" Options'

  3. Open the Response Settings

You will see the 'Auto-Register in Zoom' button that you can toggle ON (it is enabled by default):

As guests RSVP to the event via zkipster, they will automatically be added as attendees to your Zoom meeting or webinar.

Please remember:

  • Registering guests in Zoom events is only available on Paid Zoom accounts. If you are using a free Zoom account you won't be able to use the feature.

  • In order for zkipster to be able to automatically register your guests and generate their private Participant Join URL, your Zoom meeting or webinar must be configured to Automatic Approval. While we automatically activate this setting for your Zoom event, you must keep it on - otherwise, your guests will fail to register inside your Zoom event. A list with all default Zoom meeting and webinar settings is available here.

    You can access the Automatic Approval function inside your Zoom account under the Registration tab of your meeting or webinar settings:

  • For the registration to work, you cannot set fields as required in Zoom. When 'Auto-Register in Zoom' is on, it will only map First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Please only leave the default 'Last Name' as a required field as shown below:

You may, however, still set your response fields as 'Required' on your zkipster form in order to capture any additional important guest information in zkipster.

Sending the Participant Join URL with your Auto Confirmation Email

After enabling the 'Auto-Register in Zoom' function on your zkipster form, a new dynamic Zoom tag will become available in the Text section(s) of your Confirmation Email:

The :zoom_participant_join_url is a unique, private URL specific to each guest that has confirmed their attendance at the event via the zkipster form and has been auto-registered in the Zoom meeting or webinar.

Please note: As this private join URL gets generated after your guest has registered, you will only find the ':zoom_participant_join_url' tag on the Zoom dropdown of the Auto Confirmation Email.

You can hyperlink this tag to shorten the URL in the body text of your Confirmation Email, as the raw link will otherwise come out very long and affect the overall look of your email.

To hyperlink your Zoom tag:

  1. Highlight the part of your text you would like to hyperlink

  2. Select the 'Insert/ Edit Link' logo in the relevant 'Text' section

  3. Type (or copy and paste) the name of the relevant Zoom tag into the URL field

  4. Double-check the 'Text to Display' field, edit the text if needed and click 'OK' to save the changes

In addition, make sure to toggle on the 'Show "Add to Calendar" option' to allow your guests to add the event and save their personalized join URL to their respective calendars.

Important: Make sure Zoom's auto-confirmation email is tuned OFF inside your Zoom account, if you wish to send an email confirmation via zkipster only.

Go to the 'Email Settings' inside your Zoom meeting or webinar in order to edit the 'Confirmation Email to Registrants' function there:

Resending the Auto Confirmation Email or Participant Join URL to Guests

With the 'Resend Confirmation/Decline Email' function on the form report section of your invitation, you can easily select the guest(s) you want to resend the Auto Confirmation Email to via the "Action' dropdown:

Pro Tip: If you would like to send a reminder email with your registered guests' unique private join URLs the day of or shortly before your event, you can manually include the ':zoom_participant_join_url' tag on a regular Standalone Email, despite it not being available on the Zoom tag dropdown there. The information will still dynamically pull through for each guest just the same.
Simply type out or hyperlink the tag inside the body text of your email and send it to all your confirmed guests as normal, giving them easy on-the-day access to your Zoom meeting or webinar!

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