How to Link your zkipster Event to a Zoom Event

Learn how to link your virtual meeting or webinar to your zkipster event.

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Before linking your virtual events, you need to connect your Zoom account with your zkipster account. Please check this article for more information.

Once connected, you are now able to link your Professional zkipster events to your Zoom events.

Steps to Link your zkipster Event to Zoom

  1. Create a new event in zkipster, or visit the event settings of an already existing event

  2. In the Event Settings page, choose the Event Location Type:
    - In-Person: You can add the physical event location here
    - Virtual: This is where you can add your event link from other virtual tools or create your Zoom Meeting or Webinar
    - Hybrid: Combination of in-person event and virtual event location

  3. Select 'Virtual' or 'Hybrid' as your location type

  4. When you choose 'Virtual' or 'Hybrid', a 'Virtual Event Link' field will appear giving you the option to create a Zoom meeting/ webinar or add the URL of other virtual tools

5. An option to choose between 'Meeting' or 'Webinar' will appear when you select 'Click to create Zoom meeting'. You can find a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of the two different Zoom event types here.

Once you have made your choice, the Meeting or Webinar will be created in Zoom and the URL link is automatically added to your zkipster event.

  • It allows to automatically add unregistered Zoom attendees as guests in zkipster.

  • Auto check-in guests when they join the Zoom Link.

Below is the list of default Zoom settings that we use for the meeting and webinar. You may change them at any time when you access your settings in Zoom.

Zoom Meeting default settings:

  • Require Meeting password

  • Enable waiting room

  • Only authenticated users can join: Sign in to Zoom

  • Allow attendees to join from multiple devices

  • Auto-Acceptance for registrants

Zoom Webinar default settings:

  • Registration Required

  • Password Required

  • Q&A enabled

  • Do not allow attendees to join from multiple devices

  • Auto-Acceptance for registrants

To create virtual sessions with zkipster's session tool, follow the steps in the article here.

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