How to Integrate your zkipster and Zoom Accounts

Learn how to connect your zkipster and Zoom accounts and leverage the native integration between the two systems.

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zkipster's native integration with zoom allows you to streamline your virtual event workflow and deliver a flawless registration process. With the Zoom integration, you can:

  • Create zoom meetings and webinars directly from zkipster

  • Auto-register guests to your Zoom attendees list using zkipster's custom RSVPs

  • Share private zoom links with zkipster's confirmation email and event calendar option

  • Track your virtual event attendance in zkipster

Please check this video for a quick overview of the Zoom Integration:

How to Connect your Zoom Account to zkipster


  • zkipster account with a Professional or Enterprise Plan

  • Zoom account*

(*) - Although you can use the integration with any Zoom account - including a free plan - to take advantage of all the features we recommend using a paid account.

From your zkipster's account settings, select Connected Accounts and click on the Sign in to Zoom button to connect your Zoom and zkipster accounts.

It will prompt you to log in to your Zoom account, using your Zoom credentials, or a single sign-on provider used by your organization.

Once logged-in, it will show another prompt to authorize zkipster to interact with your Zoom meetings and webinars. Click the blue Authorize button to complete the integration.

Now that you connected your zkipster and zoom accounts, you can start creating virtual events:

How to Revoke Access to Your Zoom Account

You can revoke access to your Zoom account at any time. From the Connected Accounts section of your zkipster account settings, use the Revoke Access to Zoom button to disconnect your zoom account.

Please note that even after revoking the access, you may want to uninstall the zkipster app from your Zoom account completely:

NB: Due to a limitation acknowledged by Zoom Video Communications, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy in reporting from Zoom. You might, on rare occasion, experience some attendance inconsistencies. This does not limit your overall guest experience as registrations will always be captured and guests will still be able to join your event without issue.

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