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Virtual and Hybrid Events with zkipster
Virtual and Hybrid events with Zoom
How to Track Guest Attendance in zkipster with Zoom Webinars
How to Track Guest Attendance in zkipster with Zoom Webinars

In this article, you will learn how to connect your event in zkipster to a Zoom webinar

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With zkipster and Zoom webinars, you can track your virtual event's guest attendance just as you will with a live event.

Before creating a virtual event, make sure your zkipster and Zoom accounts are connected. Learn more in the article here.

Creating Virtual Event with Zoom Webinar

1. Create a new event in zkipster, or visit the event settings of an existing event.

2. In the Event Settings page, select 'Virtual' or 'Hybrid' as your event location type.

3. Select 'Click to create Zoom meeting' to create your webinar event in zoom

4. Click 'Create Event.' The Webinar will be created automatically in Zoom, and the URL link added to your zkipster event and Add to Calendar button.

Zoom webinars created through zkipster have the following default settings:

  • Registration Required

  • Password Required

  • Q&A enabled

  • Do not allow attendees to join from multiple devices

  • Auto-Acceptance for registrants

Once the event is created, you can make changes to the webinar settings directly in your Zoom account.

Track Guest Attendance

Please note: Only Zoom Webinars support the syncing of attendance data between zkipster and Zoom.

In events linked to Zoom webinars:

  • Automatically add unregistered Zoom attendees as a new guest to your event in zkipster. When someone joins your Webinar directly in Zoom, we take their details and add them to a Zoom Guest List to quickly identify them once you have finished with the main event.

  • The guests' status in zkipster will update automatically from 'Confirmed' to 'Checked-in' when guests join the Zoom webinar link.

In the guest profile, you can view what time a guest has joined a Webinar, the time they left, and the duration of their stay. A report of the zoom webinar, including a list of registered guests, guest ID, unique URL, join, and duration time, is available via the Export section in the zkipster Account Settings. You can create a detailed event report for one or multiple events at the same time. For more on Event Reports on the account level, check the article here.

NB: We're experiencing occasional reporting inconsistencies due to Zoom limitations. This means that on very small occurrences, Zoom does not report back the check-in status to zkipster from a guest joining the Zoom webinar. This does not limit the overall effectiveness of the integration for your guests as they will still be able to register to your Zoom event through the zkipster invitation process, and still be able to join your event without issue, but sometimes we will not receive the confirmation that they attended. You can cross-check this inside Zoom reporting if in doubt. Zoom has acknowledged this limitation on their side and we are awaiting an update from them on the timeframe for resolution.

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