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How to Print Name Badges at Check-In via the zkipster App
How to Print Name Badges at Check-In via the zkipster App

This article will show you how to use the badge printing feature during your event check-in

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Watch our tutorial video for a quick overview:

Automated Badge Printing when a Guest is Checked in

When using zkipster's Name Badge Printing feature, you can enable name badge printing to happen automatically with each check-in. (It is still possible to manually print labels in addition to this while the app is set to 'Auto Print').

Automatic Printing on the Android app

To turn 'Auto Print' on or off:

1. Tap on More at the bottom right corner:

2. Under 'Settings', tap on 'Printer Settings':

3. Toggle the 'Auto Print' ON or OFF:

Automatic Printing on the iOS app

To turn 'Auto Print' on or off:

1. Tap on 'More' in the bottom right corner:

2. Under 'Event Settings', tap on 'Printer Settings':

3. Toggle 'Auto Print' ON or OFF:

If 'Auto Print' is turned OFF, no labels will be printed at check-in unless they are done manually. Instructions on manual printing can be found below.

Pro Tip: The 'Printer Settings' will also display the specific settings for the connected printing device. This is also where you can select the 'Quality' of the Name Badge Printing as Low Resolution, Normal, Double Speed and High Resolution.

Manual Badge Printing on the App

To manually print name badges via the zkipster app, select a guest from the guest list. The printer icon to the right of the guest's name will allow for a manual print of the badge.

Printer icon on iOS (iPad on dark mode view)

Printer icon on Android (Tablet)

Printing Name Badges for Additional Guests/ +1s

There is two different options if you would like to print a name badge for any of your main guest's +1s.

Option A: Add the Additional Guest to the Event

Once added to the system with their own guest entry/ profile, they can have a name badge printed specifically for them.

Adding Guest via the iOS App (iPad on dark mode view)

Adding Guest via the Android App (Tablet)

Option B: Print Badges via Main Guest's Profile

Add the custom field(s) used for the main guest's +1 names to the Name Badge Editor on the browser and manually print out any additional name badges via the main guest's profile.

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