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How to view and export your Sessions attendance data

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You can view and report on your guests' session attendance via zkipster's Reporting and Export functions.

Sessions Reporting via the 'Reports' Tab inside Event

By default, when clicking on the 'Reports' button on the left hand menu you will be able to view your main event check-in report under the 'Check-in' tab. It displays the overall and per guest list breakdowns of Checked vs. No Shows and whether guests were added before, at or after the event (plus an in-person/ virtual guests breakdown for any virtual and hybrid events):

Please note: Guests checked into the main event and any session(s) on top of that will receive two (or more) check-in timestamps. Guests that have only been checked in to a session (but not the main event) will receive a timestamp for the relevant session(s) in question, but not the overall event. As best practice, we recommend checking your guests into the main event as well as any session(s) they attend.

Familiarize yourself with how to check your guests into a session by clicking here.


If you have used the Sessions feature as part of your main event, you will see an additional 'Sessions' tab under 'Reports' on the left hand menu:

Here, you will be able to view a session-by-session breakdown of your Checked vs. No Show guests, whether they attended in-person or virtually and whether they were added before, during or after the event.

You will notice a Sessions filter at the top of the page above the Total Guests Checked graph:

Via this filter, you can choose which session(s) you would like to be shown on your visual reports:

You are also able to switch off certain reporting sections to get an even more filtered view of your guest attendance:

Please note: For events with a large number of sessions, the report filter will auto-select the first 10 sessions. For better visualization of the graphs, we recommend not selecting more than 10 sessions to be displayed at the same time.

Timeline of Total Guests Checked

The sessions timeline graph shows a check-in breakdown for an event with different sessions. This helps you compare your guests' arrival times for each individual session:

You also can decide whether you want to switch off visibility of certain sessions and/ or guest lists to allow only selected data to be shown as needed:

Sessions Reporting via the Export Function

Exporting on the Event Level

In addition to the visual reports at event level, you can export your full event report in .xlsx or .csv format via the 'Export' tab:

This will provide you with compact information on which session(s) your guests were both assigned and checked into, along with the main event check-in time and any other guest data:

Exporting on the Account Level

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of your guests' Sessions attendance, we recommend exporting your event(s) at account level via the 'Account Settings' > 'Data Export' function (only available to the Account Owner and any Admin users):

On your exported spreadsheet, you will notice a Sessions tab - click on it to reveal detailed check-in information per guest for each session they have been assigned to and attended:

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