How to Check Guests into Sessions

Learn about guest check-in for in-person and virtual sessions

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During your event, you can check-in guests to in-person and virtual sessions.

Please note: zkipster has a cap of 10,000 guests per event as this is the limit we can guarantee flawless performance and a quality experience. This limit applies to Main Guests only and is the total across any guest lists inside one event (not including +1s). Adding your guests to sessions will count towards the 10k guest limit for guaranteed best performance on the app.

Guests Check-In to an In-Person Session

Guest lists and sessions will appear inside your event on the app. You can choose to check-in guests from within the guest list or work from a specific session.

Using Guest List View for Check-in

In the guest profile, you can check in guests to the main event and check in their +1s. You will also see the ‘Relationships’ check-in icon if you are using the ‘Relationships’ feature for Professional and Enterprise users. Tap on the icon and a pop-up window to check any related guests that will appear.

Please note that checking in the +1s for related guests via this button is currently not possible. You need to go to the Main Guest profile of that guest to check in any +1s.

You can add a guest into a Session when you tap the word ‘Edit’ in the guest detail.

Once the guest is added, you can also check them into the Session by selecting the section.

Please note: Guests checked-in to the main event and then to the session(s) will receive two (or more) check-in timestamps- the check-in time to the main event and the time of check-in to the session/s. If you have the "Session check-ins linked to the main event" turned OFF, Guests checked-in only to a session will receive a timestamp only for that session but not the main event.

Using Sessions Tab for Guest Check-in

The sessions tab displays only guests who are part of a specific session. You can search for guests or their +1's within the session and use the 'Check-in' button to check-in guests.

Using QR codes in the Sessions Tab for Guest Check-in

You can use the QR code scanner to check-in guests into sessions by following these steps:

1. Open the ‘Sessions Tab’ view

2. Select/Tap the specific sessions list that the guest is a part of

3. Select/Tap the ‘QR Scan’ icon in the navigation list

4. Scan the guest QR code to check them into the session

Once the QR code is scanned in the Sessions view, the guest profile will be displayed, and the event host will be able to check guests into the respective session by pressing the 'Check-in' button.

If the 'Check-in Guest After Scan' function is enabled under the ‘More’ option, the guest will automatically be checked into the session after the QR Code is scanned.

Please Note: If you have the "Session check-ins linked to the main event" toggled ON, checked guests to a session will be automatically checked into the main event (the link will only trigger the incremental logic from session-to-event, any check-in changes made on the event side will never reflect back to the session).

Using Kiosk Mode to Check-in Guests into Sessions

You can use the Kiosk Mode function from the zkipster mobile app to allow guests to auto check-in into sessions. For that, click on the 'More' icon located on the bottom right of the app screen inside your event and select 'Kiosk Mode' to be taken to the Kiosk Mode Setup screen.

Tap on the 'Check-in to' section to select which Session the guests will be checked-in to when scanning their QR Codes.

- How to Activate Kiosk Mode in zkipster

Checking-in Guests with Plus Ones

For guests with +1s, the first checked-in guest is always the main guest followed by the +1s. This is also the same when scanning the QR code. The first scan will check-in the main guest and the second scan will check-in the +1 into the session. As a best practice for capacity management and event reporting, zkipster recommends turning the "Session check-ins linked to the main event" ON.

When you scan a QR Code for guests that is not a part of a session, a ‘Guest not in session’ pop-up message will appear with the 3 options:

  • Register Guest to Session

  • Leave Session View – selecting this option will switch back to the Guest List view

  • Cancel

The Relationships icon will be displayed above the Sessions check-in button when viewing in the Sessions Tab if the Main guest has any related guests. Please also note that the pop-up will also adapt to the number of guest relationships to a maximum of 4 before becoming scrollable. Learn more about the Relationships feature here.

Pro Tip: To easily switch to a different Sessions list or go to the main Guest list, you can also tap the Session name at the middle top part display on the app instead of the ‘Back’ button.

You can track the session check-in progress at the top of the guest list. Any guests registered and checked in to the session will be counted towards the session capacity.

Guest Check-in to a Virtual Session with Zoom

If you are using Zoom webinars, you can track virtual session attendance directly in zkipster. You can learn more about how to integrate your zkipster and Zoom events in the article here.

Once the virtual session has begun, any guests joining the webinar using the Zoom unique URL will be marked as checked-in to the session. You can track the check-in progress in the sessions screen or within the session itself, where each checked-in guest will have their timestamp of check-in.

The session check-in time for each of the guests will also be available in the event report, after the event. You can find more about the event reporting in the article here.

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