During your event, you can check-in guests to in-person and virtual sessions.

Guests Check-In to an In-Person Session

Guest lists and sessions will appear inside your event on the app. You can choose to check-in guests from within a specific session or work from the guest list.

Using guest list view for check-in

In the guest profile, you can switch from the main event check-in to sessions, and check-in the guest to the respective session(s).

Please note: Guests checked-in to the main event and the session(s) will receive two (or more) check-in timestamps- the check-in time to the main event and the time of check-in to the session/s. Guests checked-in only to a session will receive a timestamp only for that session but not the main event.

As a best practice for capacity management and event reporting, zkipster recommends checking-in guests to the main event, as well as the session(s).

Using sessions view for guests check-in

The session view displays only guests who are part of that specific session. You can search for guests within the session and use the 'session check-in' button to check-in guests. Similar to the guest list view, you can always switch from session check-in to main event check-in.

To check-in guests who haven't registered for a session, you first need to add the session to their profile using the Edit button on the top. Once the guest/s are registered for the session, you will see the check-in button appearing in their profile.

You can track the session check-in progress at the top of the guest list. Any main guest registered and checked-in to the session will be count towards the session capacity.

Note: Only confirmed guests being checked-in count towards the total checked guests for that session. Make sure to update your guests' status to confirmed before checking them into a session.

Also, keep in mind that sessions recognize main guests only. Any +1 guests won't be counted towards the session capacity. However, you can still check-in +1 guests to the main event.

Guest check-in to a Virtual Session with zoom

If you are using Zoom webinars, you can track virtual session attendance directly in zkipster. You can learn more about how to integrate your zkipster and Zoom events in the article here.

Note: Only Zoom webinars support the syncing of attendance data between zkipster and zoom.

Once the virtual session has begun, any guests joining the webinar using the Zoom unique URL, will be marked as checked-in to the session. You can track the check-in progress in the sessions screen or within the session itself, where each checked-in guest will have their timestamp of check-in.

The session check-in time for each of the guests will also be available in the event report, after the event. You can find more about the event reporting in the article here.

Learn how to create in-person or virtual sessions, using zoom or other streaming tools in the article here. For more on how to manage session registration, you can refer to this article.

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