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How to Set up a Custom Domain in zkipster
How to Set up a Custom Domain in zkipster

Add your own domain to zkipster for on-brand response form URLs and Share a Table links

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zkipster allows you to host response forms and Share a Table links of your events on a domain of your choosing. Similar to whitelabeling your domain and email addresses in order to send online invitations from your own sender email, this functionality enables you to distribute on-brand URLs for your event.

Custom Domains is an Enterprise feature and only available on this plan level.

If you are interested to learn more about zkipster's Enterprise offering, please reach out to or start an online chat with our team in the bottom right of your screen.

Setting up a New Custom Domain

To use a custom domain in zkipster, you will first need to verify it inside your account. This is a one-time setup but will require the help of your IT team or an administrator with access to your domain DNS.

Please note: Each domain/ subdomain needs to be unique for each zkipster account. In order words, if your organization works with multiple zkipster accounts, only one of those accounts would be able to use ''. The other account would need to use an alternative subdomain, such as ''.

To set up a new custom domain in zkipster:

1. Go to 'Account Settings' > 'Customization'

2. Click on the 'Custom Domain' section you should see under 'Custom Domain'

3. Add a domain of your choosing in the 'Add New Domain' field and click 'Submit'

4. You will be presented with one CNAME record right away (second row). Wait for zkipster to fetch all required parameters and then click 'refresh' at the bottom of the page (usually < 30 seconds):

5. After refreshing the screen, another CNAME record will be displayed in the first row:

6. Both CNAME records can now be added to the DNS file of your domain. At the top of the page you will also be given the option to email these to your IT administrator together with further instructions:

7. Once the records have been added to the domain DNS, click on the 'Verify' button. If everything has been set up correctly, 2 green check marks will appear next to each record:

The custom domain is now ready to be used. The creation of these records allows zkipster to create a SSL certificate for your custom domain and host your response forms securely on your domain.

Please note: The generated CNAME records need to be added on your DNS setup within 72 hours, as the associated SSL certificates cannot be validated after that time. Should 72 hours have passed and you did not get a chance to add the records in that time window, delete the custom domain from your zkipster account and re-add it again in order create new CNAME records and restart the verification process.

One helpful tip if you are trying to verify your domain on GoDaddy

The information you need to enter varies from DNS provider to DNS provider - while some require you to enter the full domain, GoDaddy requires only the URL prefix of the domain.

If you are having trouble verifying your domain on GoDaddy, instead of entering:

  • ''

Try to enter the Host section as in the example below:

  • 'mydomain'

Selecting an Account Default Domain

Enterprise users will be able to select which domain they would like to use as the account default for both response form and Share-a-Table links.

The available domains to choose from are as follows:



  • Any custom domain(s) that has/ have been verified inside the account

The Invitations and Table Sharing defaults can be different from each other, as shown below:

Using a Custom Domain in Invitations and Seating URLs

Response Forms

You can select any of the above-mentioned domains to use on your zkipster response forms. It will be set to your chosen account default automatically, however, you can still change this as needed via the provided dropdown under 'Form Settings' > 'Form Hosting':

You can further define a custom URL extension for your response form that is tailored to your event, as shown below:

zkipster will automatically provide a randomly generated extension for you, but you can customize it as you wish. Please note that underscores cannot be entered as a user-defined input path, as those will be exclusively reserved for zkipster’s auto-generated URL extensions.

Important: The URL extension for your response form link will need to be unique across zkipster. For example, if you choose the URL '' for one of your forms, then the extension ‘gala’ will be taken for all other users and events. You will get prompted if the URL extension you would like to use is not available.

Please also remember that if you duplicate a response form or RSVP invitation, the custom URL extension will not be applied to the copy of your form as these need to be unique. (Custom domains and custom paths are also being not implemented on test emails in order to ensure that the domain/ path is exclusive to the real saved response forms.)

Share a Table

For Share a Table links, zkipster will automatically apply the (custom) domain that was selected as the Table Sharing Default inside your 'Account Settings':

Please note: It is not possible to select or change the domain and/or URL extension per event or per share, like it is possible to do on response forms. If you want to change the domain you are using for a table share link, you will need to select a different Table Sharing Default in the 'Custom Domain' section of the Account Settings.

The URL extension of a table share link is not customizable. This will always be a randomly generated path which zkipster will apply automatically.

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