Unsubscribe and Opt-Out Management

Learn how to set up and manage unsubscribe and opt-outs

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While zkipster doesn't currently offer an unsubscribe feature, please find below different ways to collect unsubscribe and opt-out submissions.

Integrations for True Management

For true management, integrate zkipster with your everyday tools and CRM to manage your unsubscribes alongside event correspondence.
Rather than manually unsubscribing someone, use an integration to do it for you.

Each integration would be a custom setup built to create an action list in your CRM and or marketing cloud for suppression list management. You can create a field in your invitation form with a tick box linking back to an action in that system. This could be achieved through creating an action list or unsubscribes or perhaps even dynamic unsubscribe based on the tickbox being checked.

Reach out to the client relations team to find out more.

Custom Field Checkbox in Invitation Forms

Set up a response field in your invitation form to collect opt-outs and unsubscribes. Recipients who no longer wish to receive email correspondence can check this box.

This will then be reflected in the guest list view as well as the excel export reports for each guest as shown below.

Create a Standalone Form

Set up a standalone form to collect unsubscribe responses. This will look like a standard invitation form, but used solely for the purpose of collecting unsubscribes in a separate guest list:

Link to this standalone form with all your event correspondence:

You can then have a full list of unsubscribes in a single guest list.

Suppression List Hyperlinks from your CRM or mailing provider

You can always use suppression or unsubscribe links directly from your CRM or mailing provider. This allows you to automatically generate signup and unsubscribe forms for each audience in your zkipster invitations.

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