In zkipster's Invitations feature, you are able to duplicate any invitation, standalone email or response form as you require - either within the same event, or into a different upcoming or past event on your zkipster account altogether!

Duplicating an Invitation or Form

On the Invitations Overview screen of your event, you will see a small 'Duplicate' icon on the right hand side of every email or form listed (highlighted in the screenshot below):

When you go on to click on the symbol to duplicate your item, a pop up window will appear presenting you with a dropdown menu, which will let you select the destination event of choice for your duplicate email or form:

You can choose whether you want your email or form copy to either

a) fall into the same event you are working on at the moment OR
b) go into a different upcoming or past event of your choice

Please note: Only events that have the zkipster Invitations feature activated will show up in the event dropdown.

Splitting an Email from a Form when Duplicating

If you have previously worked with an Email and Form set, you have the ability to separate them from each other and only duplicate one of the two, as needed.

Simply choose which one of the items you would like to copy via the check box, or leave both checked if you need to copy the entire set:

Things to Note when Duplicating Invitations into a Different Event

Please be aware that if you are copying a standalone response form or RSVP invitation (ie. email with response form automatically attached) into a different upcoming or past event, any associated custom guest fields used on the form will also be copied over into the destination event you have selected. Please find more information on how custom guest fields work here.

There are two exceptions to this, both of which are outlined below.

A. Maximum Custom Guest Field Limit Reached on Destination Event

If you have already reached the maximum custom field limit of 10 on the event that you want the copy of your RSVP invitation or form to go into, you will still be able to duplicate the item but the custom fields will not be copied across with it.

The system will also prompt you with the following advice:

B. Same Custom Guest Field Name on Both Events (but Different Format)

If you happen to have a custom field with the same name but a different format on both your original as well as you destination event (for instance, a 'Job Title' free format custom field on one and a 'Job Title' single choice dropdown custom field on the other), said custom field will also not be copied across.

The response form or RSVP invitation will consequently be duplicated without the field(s) in question:

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