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Duplicating Forms vs. Sharing Forms Across Multiple Campaigns
Duplicating Forms vs. Sharing Forms Across Multiple Campaigns

Contrasts duplicating versus sharing forms in campaigns, highlighting appropriate uses for each to maintain data integrity.

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Share or Duplicate Forms across Campaigns can be a helpful way to reuse an existing Response Form within your new Campaign instead of creating a new one from scratch. Both options, although similar, are used in different use cases:

  • Duplicate Response Form: use this option when you need to create a new form but wish to maintain the same design as another existing form in your event.

  • Share Response Form (not recommended): select this option when you want to create a campaign linked to the same response form from another campaign in your event.

Sharing Forms across Multiple Campaigns

When creating a new campaign, you have the option to Collect Responses by creating a new form from scratch or you can open the 'Temporary Option' section and choose to reuse an existing form from another Campaign within the same Event by selecting the 'Yes, reuse an existing form from a campaign' option.

After selecting this option, a drop-down list will appear containing all the forms used for your event across various campaigns. Choose the form you wish to reuse and click 'Next'.

Keep in mind that you can select to reuse Archived Forms. However, it is important to remember that if a Campaign has been archived, the Form is automatically closed. This means that your new campaign will be created with a form already closed. In this case, unarchive the campaign and reopen the form manually if you want to share that same form across multiple campaigns.

Read the following article If you want to learn more about How to Archive Campaigns and Forms.

After you select a form to reuse, it will appear in the Form section of your Campaign. You'll also see a message in the Composer section informing you that this particular form is being used in other Campaigns throughout the Event, and any modifications you make to it will impact the other Campaigns. If you wish to edit the form, you must acknowledge the message, after which the Composer and Settings sections will become available for you.

Please Note: If you use a shared Form in multiple Campaigns, archiving one of those Campaigns will automatically close the form for all other Campaigns using it. So, keep this in mind before archiving any Campaigns that contain the same Form.

Duplicating Forms across Campaigns

If you want to create a copy of an existing Response Form in your event, so that you do not need to design a new form from scratch and make changes without affecting other Campaigns, use the Duplicate Form Process.

There are two different ways to do duplicate a form:

  • By clicking on the 'Duplicate' button on the right side of your Campaign. This will create a copy of the entire campaign, including the form. After that, make the necessary changes to the copy you created.

  • Once you create a new Campaign with a shared form, from the Composer section you will see a Share Form Disclaimer. Select 'See More Options'. A list with two more options will be displayed. Choose the 'Unlink and Create New Form' option and then 'Duplicate this Form'. This will allow you to create a copy of the form that will not be shared with the other Campaign.

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