How to Add a New User to your Account

Learn how to add new users to your account in zkipster

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New users can be added through the 'Users' page of the 'Users and Teams' section via the 'Account Settings', which is only accessible to your Account Owner and to users with permission to access user management.

Number of Users Available in zkipster

Please be aware that the total number of users within your account will depend on the event or plan purchased:

  • Essentials Monthly/ Annual subscriptions - 5 Users

  • Professional Monthly/ Annual subscriptions - 10 Users

  • Enterprise plans - 15+ Users

  • Trial accounts do not allow for any additional users. However, once a purchase is made these options will become available.

Please reach out to if you have interest in discussing any subscription plan options.

Pro Tip:

The device limit has recently been put in place to protect individual login credentials for improved account and data security.

If you are currently sharing user identification when logging into your zkipster account via the website, you will start seeing Multiple Device Login alerts when an additional individual/device attempts to login. You then have the option to have multiple individuals/devices logged in simultaneously with the same identification on a total of 10 occasions. Once this grace period has come to an end, any additional individuals/devices attempting to login will have to decide whether to logout the existing session(s), or cancel their login and let the existing session(s) continue.

Please note that the login protection feature only affects the desktop version of zkipster - users will still be able to login on multiple devices on the zkipster mobile app.

New Users Access Permission

Every user in your account needs to be assigned an Account Permission Scheme, which is a set of permissions that gives or restricts access to account level functionalities.

By default, there are three non-editable Account Permission Schemes available in your account: Admin Access, Events Creator and No Access.

Admin Access: this Account Permission Scheme gives users full access to Account Details & Billing, Data Export, Customisation, Security Settings, Integrations, User Management, permission to Create Events and access to all events in the account.

Events Creator: this scheme gives users permissions to create new events, but restricts access to all other account level functionalities.

No Access: this scheme restrict users from accessing all account level functionalities.

Enterprise subscribers have the option to create custom Account Permission Schemes. You can read more about this by clicking here.

How to Add New Users

You can add new users from the 'Users' page under the 'Users & Teams' section via the Account Settings:

Create a Team member: use this option if you are using SSO or want to assign a specific username to the user.

  1. Account Owner or users with permission to manage users: Click on the Account Settings at the top right corner.

  2. Go to the Users & Teams section.

  3. Open the 'Users' page.

  4. Hover to 'Add Team Members' in the top right corner and then in the dropdown select 'Create' and fill out the details of the team member on the next page.

  5. You will need to assign an Account Permission Scheme to the team member, which defines which account level functionalities the new team member will have permission to access:

  6. Click 'Save Changes'. This will send an email to the new member for them to finish setting up their password and user details.

Pro Tip: If the invited team member already has an existing account with zkipster. You can still add them to your account and follow the 'Create' option above and set a unique username for the Team member and you can still associate the same email to them.

Please note: Please follow the steps in the articles here if MFA (Multi-factor authentication) or SSO (Single Sign-On) has been enabled for Enterprise accounts.

Invite a Team member: use this option if you want the users to define their own username.

  1. Account Owner or users with permission to manage users: Click on the Account Settings at the top right corner.

  2. Go to the 'Users & Teams' section.

  3. Open the 'Users' page.

  4. Hover to 'Add Team Members' in the top right corner and then in the dropdown select 'Invite'.

  5. From the pop-up window, enter the email address of your colleague.

  6. Assign the Account Permission Scheme from the dropdown menu and click on the 'Send Invitation' button:

  7. Each invited user will receive an invitation email containing a link to set up their own account, fill in the rest of their profile details, and set their password.

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