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How to Create and Manage Account Permission Schemes
How to Create and Manage Account Permission Schemes

Learn how to create custom Account Permission Schemes to define which account level features users can have access to

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Account Permission Scheme is a set of permissions and restrictions that define which parts of the Account Settings a specific user has access to, including the permission to create new events.

Every user in zkipster needs to be assigned with an Account Permission Scheme when they are created or invited to join your account. Click here to learn how to add a new user to your account and assign them with an Account Permission Scheme.

By default, there are three non-editable Account Permission Schemes available in your account: Admin Access, Events Creator and No Access.

Users on the Enterprise plan have the option to create custom Account Permission Schemes, to gain even more control over which features and functionalities each team member can access on the account level.

You can view all Account Permission Scheme by accessing your Account Settings and clicking into the 'Permission Schemes' tab of the 'Users & Teams' section:

Each of the default schemes give full access, partial access or no access to certain account level functionalities.

Admin Access: this Account Permission Scheme gives users full access to Account Details & Billing, Data Export, Customisation, Security Settings, Integrations, User Management, permission to Create Events and access to all events in the account.

Events Creator: this scheme gives users permissions to create new events, but restricts access to all other account level functionalities.

No Access: this scheme restrict users from accessing all account level functionalities.

Assigning an Account Permission Scheme to Users

The Account Owner and users with permission to access user management functionalities can assign Account Permission Schemes to new users created or being invited to the account. They can also edit existing users' Account Permission Schemes at any time.

Learn more: How to Add Users to Your Account

When inviting a new user to the account, you can assign an Account Permission Scheme via the dropdown menu on the right hand side:

If you are creating a new user, you will be able to assign an Account Permission Scheme from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen:

If you need to change the scheme assigned to an existing user in your account, you can do that from the Users dashboard or from inside the user profile.

Changing the scheme from the Users dashboard

1. Click on the 'Account Settings' on the top right.
2. Click on 'Users & Teams' from the left hand side menu.

3. Open the 'Users' dashboard.

4. Select one or more users by ticking the checkbox on the side of the user name.

5. From the 'Action' dropdown menu select 'Change Account Permission Scheme'.

6. From the pop up window, choose the scheme you want to assign to the selected users.
7. Click 'Change Scheme':

Changing the scheme from the User Profile

1. Click on the 'Account Settings' on the top right.
2. Click on 'Users & Teams' from the left hand side menu.

3. Open the 'Users' dashboard.

4. Click on top of the name of the user you want to edit.

5. Open the 'Account Permission Scheme' tab.
6. Select the scheme from the 'Account Permission Scheme' dropdown menu:

Creating Custom Account Permission Schemes

Enterprise subscribers can create custom Account Permission Schemes by clicking into the 'Create Scheme' button located on the top left of the 'Account Permission Scheme' dashboard:

You can name the new scheme and add a brief description using the fields located at the top of the screen:

By default, all account level features and functionalities will be toggled OFF, but you can turn the toggle ON for the features you want that scheme to give access to.
For example, to create a scheme that only gives users access to the 'Customisation' section of the account settings so that your Marketing team can create invitation templates and whitelabel email addresses, you can turn the 'Customisation' toggle ON.

Please note: The Account Owner Role still exists and is only one per account. Account Owners of the account will have the crown logo beside their name.

The Essentials and Professional plan users only has one Admin Access which is the Account Owner. Transferring the Account Ownership will downgrade the previous owner to an Events Creator Access. You can check this article here on how to change or transfer the account ownership.

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