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How to Set up the EU digital COVID Certificate Integration in your Event
How to Set up the EU digital COVID Certificate Integration in your Event

This feature enables event planners to verify and store their guests' EU COVID Certificates and equivalents at the point of check-in

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The EU digital COVID Certificate integration enables event planners to verify and store guests' EU digital COVID Certificates or equivalents, such as the NHS COVID Pass from the UK, or the Switzerland's COVID Certificate, at the point of check-in, ensuring they are complying with COVID-19 policies.

You can activate or deactivate this feature when creating a new event or when editing the current settings of an existing event. You are also able to choose if you want to store or not your guests' certificates for future reference.

In detail, the integration allows users to:

  • Verify the validity of their attendees’ COVID Certificate at check-in

  • Check if guests have been recently tested for COVID-19 and if the result was negative

  • See their guests' vaccination status and how many doses they have had

  • Verify if guests have recently had COVID-19 and their recovery status

  • Store the certificate of event attendees for future reference

  • View which team member Approved or Rejected a certificate and the timestamp of the action

Enabling the Certificate Checker on your Event

Account Owners, Administrators and users with an Events Creator Account Permission Scheme can activate the COVID-19 Certificate checker when creating a new event. Just turn the 'Covid Certificate' toggle ON and select if you want to save and store scanned certificates or not.

Additionally, users with permission to access the event settings can also activate this function on an existing event they are assigned to by clicking on the 'Event Settings' section on the left hand side menu inside the event, turning the 'Covid Certificate' toggle ON and then clicking on the golden 'Save' button.

Please note: if you choose not to select the 'Save and Store scanned Covid Certificates' option, zkipster will not store any certificate details and will not store if the certificate status was 'Verified' or 'Invalid' after scanned. The only information stored in this case will be if the certificate was Approved or Rejected by your team member and the timestamp of the approval/rejection.

If for any reason the option 'Save and store scanned Covid Certificates' is unticked in the event settings after a guests' certificate has been scanned, a pop up will display a message warning users that this action is irreversible and all certificates stored until that point will be deleted.

Once the COVID-19 Certificate integration is enabled, you are ready to scan your guests' certificates. You can find out how to Scan, Approve and Download your guests' certificate by clicking here.

Please note: users will only able to scan and verify the Travel NHS COVID Pass issued by the United Kingdom using the new zkipster COVID Certificate checker, not the Domestic NHS COVID Pass.

Learn more about how your guests can get the certificate and how it works on the European Commission's website.

zkipster users can also enforce COVID-19 requirements by using the ‘Consent Form’ feature. It allows event planners to collect signed consent from their guests acknowledging that they are aware of certain event policies, or confirming they have been tested negative for COVID-19, for instance. Learn more about Consent Forms here.

Additionally, users can enable the Form Attachments feature so that guests can upload COVID-19 certificates and vaccination cards when submitting their RSVP to their event.

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