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How to Scan and View your Guest's EU digital COVID Certificate in zkipster
How to Scan and View your Guest's EU digital COVID Certificate in zkipster

Find out how to approve or reject your guests' certificates based on whether the information matches your event requirements

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Account Owners and users with permission to access the event settings can activate or deactivate the EU digital COVID-19 Certificate integration when creating a new event or when editing the current settings of an existing event. You can enable the integration by following the steps on this article. Once the integration is enabled on your event settings, a 'COVID Certificate' icon will be displayed in the Guest Detail of the mobile app:

Clicking on the icon will open up a scanner that can be used to scan your guests’ unique EU COVID Certificate QR code.

When the QR Code is successfully scanned, a pop up will show details of the certificate on your device screen. The information displayed has been linked to that specific guest’s Certificate by official health authorities.

The certificate presented can contain how many vaccine doses the certificate holder had, if they have had a COVID-19 test recently, or if they have recently been infected and recovered from COVID-19. The certificate will be automatically identified as Valid or Invalid according to the EU Certificate database.

  • A certificate is identified as Valid when the information obtained via the QR code is correctly authenticated in the EU certificate database:

  • A certificate is identified as Invalid when the data cannot be verified in the EU database:

Users with different event permission schemes are also able to scan, approve, reject, save or delete certificates based on whether the information displayed matches the requirements of your event or not - click here to view the different Event Permission Schemes available in zkipster. If you need to rescan your guest's Certificate QR Code, you can do so by clicking on the 'Rescan' button at the top left of the pop up.

Approving and Storing Certificates

You can approve or reject a certificate if the information displayed matches or not for your event's criteria by clicking on the 'Approve' button or the 'Reject' button located at the bottom of the pop up.

Once a team member approves or rejects a certificate, the 'Covid Certificate' icon will be displayed with a green mark or a red cross on the Guest Detail, depending on the approval status:

Click on the icon if you want to reopen the certificate and visualize the timestamp of the approval/rejection and which team member performed the action:

Please note: zkipster will only store the Covid Certificate data of one guest per party, including the Approval and Rejection status.

View Certificates and Approval Status via Browser

After scanning and approving or rejecting your guests' certificates on the mobile app, this information is automatically synched with the browser version of zkipster. You can visualize the certificates and its approval status on the:

Guest List overview screen

To view the certificate status on the Guest List overview screen, simply click on the three bars 'Web View Options' icon located on the top left side. Select the option 'Covid Cert. Status' and click on the 'Save' button. The new column will display the status 'Approved' or 'Rejected' for each guest that had their certificate scanned by your team members:

Guest Profile

If you have enabled the 'Save and store scanned Covid Certificates' function on your event settings, you are able to visualize your stored guests' certificates by accessing your guests profiles.

Click on the 'Covid Certificate' tab to view the content of the certificate, if the certificate is valid or not and the timestamp with the date and username of the team member that approved/rejected the certificate.

If you have opted to not 'Save and store scanned Covid certificates', you will still be able to view if the guest presented a valid certificate and the timestamp with the date, time and username from the team member that approved/rejected the certificate.

Event Report Export

The Approval status of your guests' EU Certificate is also visible on your post-event report spreadsheet, under the column 'Covid Certificate Status':

To learn how to export your post-event reports you can click here.

zkipster users can also enforce COVID-19 requirements by using the ‘Consent Form’ feature. It allows event planners to collect signed consent from their guests acknowledging that they are aware of certain event policies, or confirming they have been tested negative for COVID-19, for instance. Learn more about Consent Forms here.

Additionally, users can enable the Form Attachments feature so that guests can upload COVID-19 certificates and vaccination cards when submitting their RSVP to their event.

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