Set up the attachments first on your Response Form or Consent Form following the steps explained in this article here.

Please note that this feature is available for Professional and Enterprise plans only and is present in both Response Forms and Consent Forms.

Where to View the Attachments

When your guest has submitted their form attachments, zkipster stores and displays the files as shown below:

Via the Browser

  • Guest Table - enable the 'Attachments' column in the Web View Options via the guests tab.

  • Guest Profile - click on the guest and go to the 'Attachments' tab to see the files

Via the Mobile App

Select the guest to view the Attachments within the Guest Profile. The zkipster app is able to open the files on view mode only for all users and is available when a device is connected to WiFi.

How to Download and Delete Attachments

  1. Go to the Guests section in the browser and select the guest

  2. Click on the 'Attachments' tab

  3. To download or delete the file attachment, click the download icon or the trash can icon next to it

Form Attachment Export

Go to the 'Guests' tab and select 'Export' from the 'Action' dropdown. The export will include both 'Attachments' and 'Guest Picture' in a URL format. A zkipster login will be required to access the link as a security measure.

Please note: Same as the guest list export, both the Event level and Account level exports will include a URL link to open each file attachment and guest picture and will require a zkipster login to access.

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