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How To Set Up Your Response Form
How to Set up and Upload Attachments and Guest Pictures on Forms
How to Set up and Upload Attachments and Guest Pictures on Forms

Learn how to enable file attachments and upload guest photos using the RSVP Forms in zkipster

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The Form Attachment feature can be used to have guests upload files when submitting their RSVP to your event. Here, you can collect guest pictures, COVID-19 certificates and vaccination cards, or other additional documents that your event requires.

Please note: This feature is available for Professional and Enterprise plans only and is present in both Response Forms and Consent Forms.

Account Owners, Admins, Event Hosts and Collaborators can upload, delete and download guest files via the browser. Check-in, Viewer and Executive roles can only download the files. Check here for more information about each role.

How to Enable Form Attachments

  1. From the Invitations Section, select the Response Form or use the Consent Form

  2. Go to the Form 'Composer' tab located at the right hand side of the browser and click on the 'Response Fields' section

  3. Scroll down and Toggle the 'Attachments' button ON

  4. Type in a preferred 'Display Name' and 'Description Text' (optional)

  5. Click on 'Add Attachment' and on the pop up window select 'the Attachment Type' you will use and

  6. Click the 'Save' button

How to Enable Guest Pictures on a Response Form or Consent Form

  • Follow steps 1 and 2 from the instructions above.

  • Scroll down and Toggle the 'Guest Picture' button ON and type in a preferred 'Description Text' (optional) and save the changes.

Attachments and Guest Pictures can be uploaded via a public or private form and are saved automatically in the guest profile.

How to Upload Attachments via the Guest Profile

  1. Via the 'Guests' section, click on the guest to take you to their Guest Profile

  2. Go to the 'Attachments' Tab

  3. Click on the gold 'Add Attachment' button

  4. On the pop up window, upload the file and select/create the 'File Type'

  5. Click 'Add Attachment' to save the file

Guests are also able to download, replace and delete their previously submitted files via the form if needed.

Important Need-To-Knows

a) Attachment type name has a 80 characters limit only.

b) It is mandatory to select an attachment type.

c) Each attachment type will accept only one file.

d) There are 3 default types for attachments which you can change the display name:

  • Event waiver

  • ID/Passport

  • Proof of vaccination

e) The attachment type name can only be used once and should be unique. And you have an option to add one freely from the dropdown box.

f) Attachments have a 5MB limit and only accepts .pdf, .png, and .jpg/jpeg file extensions

g) Guest Pictures have a 5MB limit and only accepts .gif, .png, .bmp, and .jpg/jpeg file extensions

Pro Tip: For Enterprise users, you can save time from setting up the Form Attachments by creating it as an Account Template. Click here to learn more.

Files submitted by guests via the Response Form or Consent Form will be available in the Guest Profile and the mobile app. Learn more in the article linked here.

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