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How to Link Sessions to a Floorplan
How to Link Sessions to a Floorplan

Guide on linking sessions to specific floorplans in zkipster, optimizing event organization and guest grouping.

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It is possible to link a session to a floor plan to make it easier to seat guests assigned to a specific session. For example, if you have a VIP Reception session in your event, you can create a floor plan for this reception and link the session to it by clicking on the three dots icon located on the floor plan thumbnail and clicking on 'Edit'.

Under the 'Link To Session' dropdown menu, select the sessions you want to link to that floor plan.

When it is time to seat your guests, only the guests that are part of that session's guest list will show up on the right hand side of the floor plan:

Please note: you can still seat guests that are not part of the session linked to a specific floor plan. You just need to unselect the 'Session' filter by clicking on the filter icon located on the top right side of the Seating chart and from the pop up window remove the session filter.

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