How to Create a Post-Event Survey

How to create surveys after events using zkipster, covering methods for survey distribution and guest feedback.

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Creating a post-event survey can be a helpful way to gather important feedback from your guests – may it be positive or areas of improvement about your event. When you’re able to determine the challenges of your past event, you can focus on those aspects on your next event. This could include marketing, staffing, check-in process, dining experience, guest management, etc.

In zkipster, there are two ways you could create a post-event survey:

Option 1: Creating a post-event survey using a Response Form

From the 'Communications' page, create a new campaign using an Email and a Response Form.

Design your email as usual, but under the 'Settings' tab, make sure to configure this email to be sent only to guests that have a 'Checked-In' guest status - since you want to collect feedback from guests that attended the event:

Once your email is ready, click on the 'Form' link from the bottom of the page and design your survey form.

A few points that we would like to suggest:

  • If you want to keep the 'Landing Page' of your form enabled, make sure to change the RSVP Button text from 'Take me to the Rsvp Form' to 'Take me to the Survey Form'. You can do this by going to the Composer, then scroll down to RSVP Button. You can edit the text on the Button Text section. Don't forget to click on Save Changes after.

  • You can turn the Relationships section OFF. You will not be needing this feature since this will be a survey form.

  • Landing Page on your survey form is optional. If you wish to disable this section, you can simply hover your mouse on top of the Landing page thumbnail and click into the 'Eye' icon to disable it.

Now let's move to the Form Page.

Under the 'Settings' tab, make sure the Form is set to Private - a Public Form would create new guests in your event list for every form submission.

Scroll down and tick the 'Allow checked-in guests to submit form' box and hit Save Changes.

Click on the 'Composer' tab and scroll down to 'Confirm Options'. Open the Response Settings and turn the 'Set Guest Status' toggle OFF. Don't forget to click on Save Changes after.

Please note: This step is very important. If the Set Guest Status toggle is left ON, the guests' responses to the survey form will override their guest status (from Checked-in, it will revert back to Confirmed) and it will delete their check-in data such as date and timestamp.

Adding your Survey Questions

To add your survey questions, go to the Composer tab, scroll down and click on Response Fields. Scroll down and click on Add Custom Field. You can choose the format of your question - it could be a Text Field Format (free format), Checkbox, Single Choice (dropdown) or Color Field.

You can refer to How to Create and Manage Custom Guest Fields for a more detailed instructions. Below is a sample of what the form will look like.

Once you are done adding your questions, go back to the Composer tab scroll down to Button Text for "Confirm" and change from Attending to Submit Survey. Click on Save Changes.

Please note that the 'Confirmation Email' is enabled by default on all new forms, but if you do not want to send your guests an email after they submit the survey, you can disable this by clicking on the 'Trash Can' icon on the 'Confirm Email' thumbnail and then clicking on the 'Delete' button:

Option 2: Creating a new event

Another way to create a post-event survey is by creating a new event solely for the purpose of collecting post-event feedback from your guests.

To do this, you would first need to export a list of all of checked-in guests from the last event as shown below:

Once the guest list is exported, create a new event per usual process, and then upload the spreadsheet file with your checked-in guests data.

You can upload the list with an unconfirmed or confirmed status as this new event doesn't affect the actual report of your previous event. We strongly recommend that you lock the fields for 'First Name', 'Last Name' and 'Email' so your guests won't be able to change their information.

Under the 'Communications' tab, click ' Create New Campaign' and select an Email and a Response Form.

Compose and design your survey form same with steps mentioned on the first option to create a survey.

Pro-tip: Consider sending your survey the day after the event while it is still fresh in guests' minds. You can prepare your post-event survey prior to the event and have it ready to be sent.

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