Quick Guide to Communications

Quick guide on setting up communications in zkipster, covering all aspects from campaign creation to post-event surveys.

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Your Quick Guide to Effective Communication in zkipster

Before you start building your campaign:

Creating your Campaign

Start with choosing the channel for your campaign message. You can select to send the campaign via email, SMS/WhatsApp, or both.

If your campaign includes a registration page, connect your message to a new form or link to an existing registration form (not recommended).

For specific use cases of the templates, check the tutorials here.

Setting up SMS or WhatsApp Message

Once you have selected a campaign template that includes an SMS/WhatsApp message, you can define the recipients, start customizing the text, and add attachments with your message. Here you can find more on all the customization and setup options for SMS and WhatsApp.

Setting up Email Message

In the email settings, you will define your email subject line, sender, and recipients. You can filter the recipients by specific guest list, session, individual guests, and specific guest status. Here you can also enable the email CC function to add a recipient to the invitation that you will send to your guests.

Customizing your email: In the Composer tab, you will customize the design of your email, using each section in the menu on the right. All sections are movable and can be reordered as needed. You can duplicate the image and text sections in case you need more than one of those in your invitation email.

Pro Tip: Use the dynamic tags in the text section to create personalized email

Setting up your Registration Form

Form Settings: in this section, you can define your form as public or private, set a custom URL, or set your form to close automatically at a specific time or when your event reaches capacity.

Customizing your Registration Form: the Form Composer gives you the opportunity to change the style of your response form to make it look completely on-brand by adding text, logos, images, videos, and changing the background displayed when viewing the form on the web page.โ€จ

Setting up your Response Fields: The Response Fields section of your form allows you to gather additional details from your attendees when they are RSVPing to your event, such as dietary requirements, names of their +1s, etc.

Confirmation Messages

The confirmation message triggers automatically after a guest RSVPs (you can always turn the confirmation message off). You can define how to send your confirmation communication- via email, SMS/WhatsApp, or both.

Pro Tip: The confirmation message is a great place to share a QR code with confirmed guests, and use QR codes to check-in guests to the event.

Campaign Reporting and Managing Communication

Once your zkipster campaign has been sent, you will be able to see and trace all of the delivery and RSVP statistics via the campaign's reporting pages. You can find more on reporting here.

Event Reminder

Reminder messages ensure your confirmed guests will eventually show up on the day of your event. You can find the step-by-step process and best practices on how to create reminder messages here. Please note that the communication tool is only available on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

Post-Event Survey

Creating a post-event survey can be a helpful way to gather important feedback from your guests. Consider sending your survey the day after the event while it is still fresh in guests' minds. You can prepare your post-event survey prior to the event and have it ready to be sent.

For additional tutorials on messages and registration, you can check our Help Center section on Campaigns.

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