SMS and WhatsApp Campaign Templates
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From the Communications dashboard, click on the 'Create Campaign' button to select the template that best fits the type of campaign you want to create and send your guests.

On the next screen, you can select if you want to send your guests a campaign that includes:

- SMS/WhatsApp message only


- SMS/WhatsApp message + Email (to be sent at the same time)

Under the 'Do you want to collect responses?' section, you can choose to include a link to a Response Form in your message:

- Select 'Yes, create a new response form' if you want to design and a new RSVP Form to be linked to your text message:


- Open the 'Temporary Option' and select 'Yes, reuse an existing form from a campaign' if you want to link the same form that has already been created for a different campaign in this event. From the dropdown menu, select which existing form you want to link:

Once you are happy with your selection, press the 'Next' button to start designing each part of your campaign.

Please note: users need to purchase credit via the 'Plans & Billing' section of the account settings in order to be able to send SMS/WhatsApp messages. Before making a purchase, please refer to the SMS Compliance Considerations article to understand more about regional regulations that might prevent your message from being delivered to your guests.

Changing the template of an existing campaign

It is possible to enable/disable parts of your campaign after it has been created, but it needs to be done before you send the campaign.

To remove the 'Email' or 'SMS/WhatsApp' part of a draft campaign, simply hover the mouse on top of the thumbnail from the left hand side of the 'Messages' screen and click on the 'Trash Can' icon to delete.

To enable an 'Email' or 'SMS/WhatsApp' on a draft campaign, simply click on the 'Add SMS/WhatsApp' or 'Add Email':

To add a Response Form to your draft campaign, click on the 'Form' link from the bottom of the screen:

On the next screen, select if you want to create a new response form to be linked to your message or if you want to use an existing form from a different campaign part of the same event:

​And if you need to unlink a Response Form from a draft campaign, simply hover the mouse on top of the 'Form' section from the bottom of the screen and click on the 'Unlink' button.

Please note: Unliking a form that is only being used in that specific campaign deletes the form completely and this action cannot be undone. If you unlink a form that is being used across different campaigns, the form will only be removed from that specific campaign and remain linked to the other campaigns.

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