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How to Enable the SMS/WhatsApp Feature in your Account and Purchase Credits
How to Enable the SMS/WhatsApp Feature in your Account and Purchase Credits

How to activate SMS/WhatsApp messaging in zkipster and purchase necessary credits for campaign messaging.

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Even though SMS/WhatsApp is a functionality from the Communications feature, available on the Professional and Enterprise plan levels, not every account has this function enabled by default.

In order to use this feature, your account needs to:

Enabling the SMS/WhatsApp Feature

Once you select to create a campaign that includes SMS/WhatsApp message for the first time, a pop up will be displayed asking you to contact the zkipster Support team.

This step is in place because using this functionality incurs costs to the subscription, since the SMS/WhatsApp message credits are not included in the subscription price.

You can also reach out to support via or via the chat from the bottom right corner of your zkipster account.

Once our Support team member confirms the feature has been successfully enabled in your account, you can proceed to purchasing credits and creating campaigns with SMS/WhatsApp messages.

Please note: zkipster's Support team is available from Monday to Friday until 6pm PST. If you intend to enable the SMS/WhatsApp feature, please plan in advance. You can learn more about the Support response times here.

Purchasing SMS/WhatsApp Credits

The SMS/WhatsApp message credits are sold in bundles of 500 and they can only be purchased via Credit Card - it is not possible to pay for credit bundles via Wire Transfer.

Account Owners and users with access to the Plans & Billing section of the account settings can purchase credits by clicking on the 'Buy Credits' button located on the right side of the 'SMS Credits' section:

If you do not have a valid Credit Card on file in your account, an error message will be displayed saying 'Please add a card in your Payment Details to enable this option'. Once the Credit Card is properly saved in the account, you can proceed with your purchase.

Please note: due to local regulations regarding businesses reaching out to private phone numbers via SMS/WhatsApp, there is a possibility that SMS messages sent to phone number from regions with strict regulations are not delivered. You can read more about SMS Compliance here.

How to Enable/Disable the Auto-Renewal Function for SMS/WhatsApp Credits

By default, once the SMS and WhatsApp feature is enabled in your account and you purchase credits, the auto-renewal function for message credits is OFF, but Account Owners or users with access to the Plans & Billing section of the account settings can select the 'Automatically renew SMS package if credits fall below 50' to enable the auto-renewal function.

Please note: enabling the auto-renewal function from SMS credits means that the Credit Card in file will be charged automatically for another 500 credits bundle once your credits fall below 50. If you do not wish this to happen, please keep the auto-renewal of credits OFF.

Deduction of Credits

In summary, this is how credits are deducted from your account:

  • SMS: 1 credit per message of 160 characters. If your message is longer than that, it will be delivered in one or more messages, so more credits will be deducted accordingly.

  • WhatsApp: 1 credit per message, including the default WhatsApp Consent message. This means that you will be deducted 1 credit for the WhatsApp consent message even if your guest declines to consent to receive the message.

  • 'Send Test Message': using the 'Send Test Message' function from the message composer also deducts credits from your account.

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