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SMS and WhatsApp Communications
SMS and WhatsApp Communications

Overview of SMS/WhatsApp features in zkipster, focusing on message types and the use of response forms.

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zkipster is excited to announce the release of the new SMS and WhatsApp Communications!

Available on the Professional and Enterprise plan levels, this feature allows users to create campaigns to be sent to guests via SMS or WhatsApp text messages.

In summary, this release allows users to:

  • Send text messages via SMS or WhatsApp to guests.

  • Share RSVP Form links, QR Codes and Attachments via text message.

  • Use the same Response Form across different campaigns.

SMS and WhatsApp Messages

From the 'Communications' dashboard, clicking on the 'Create Campaign' button allows user to create campaigns that include 'SMS/WhatsApp Message':

Use dynamic tags to make your text messages more personable and provide a better guest experience:

From the 'Attachments' section, include a QR Code or a custom file to be sent via text message:

Sharing Forms Across Multiple Campaigns

The new release also introduces the possibility of using the same Response Form across different campaigns. This comes in specially handy when you need to have different emails sent to different segments of guests, but the Response Form can be the same. This way, it is possible to use the same form across different campaigns without the need of designing the same form multiple times.

You can learn more about this via this article here.

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